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July 26, 2015


Donna Hooper

Oh I so get this Trina. I get migraines and I know as soon as someone sprays something whether it will affect me or not. I can't explain the feeling other than it is like a split second feeling that feels like it hits the inside of the bridge of my nose, then I sort of feel the onset.... Really hard to explain. Have never thought if outdoor sprays are a culprit unless they are being sprayed while I am there, but I know deodorants, that feminine spray that everyone used to use, perfumes, toilet sprays unflued gas heaters - it's the pits when time is taken out of your life by something that can be preventable. I never say anything to anyone, I just distance myself from the smell as soon as I can. You sort of feel that they are entitled to use what they like, but I am sure they wouldn't if they knew how it affected you.

Antonia Ritchie

Trina, I am also a chemical sufferer, migraine and sinus and itch. I control my house. It has taken years to convince outside family not to use chemicals when I am visiting. Crafting has created a few problems when new products are splashed around. I have hadstand up fights with various groups in my previous work environments. I know when some chemical has been released. I did not sleep last night hoping for better tonight.

LeeAnn Thoresen

So incredibly frustrating and its something that non sufferers rarely care too much about. Im sensitive to chemicals too. We live in the middle if no where and very rarely do i have to deal with spray drift etc so im really lucky. I also make all my own soaps and cleaning products so that the smells dont bring on asthma attacks. I think you are amazing for what its worth. Xxx

Bruce McMillan

Sorry to hear that you hurt so much Trina,
I used to always get head aches when I ventured into Auckland`s Queen Street many years ago, diesel fumes from trucks I knew was the reason.
Unfortunately we live in a techno era, fumes and contaminates are here for the foreseeable future, its all part of mankind's cleverness, or not.

Kathy Neivandt

Very interesting Trina. After reading this and seeing your facebook link about Round Up being banned I asked my lawnmowing contractor husband about how he uses this chemical. It's always bothered me but I've had no real reason to explain why.
Today he went to Wet and Forget and Bunnings to find out about safer weedkilling alternatives and discussed it with his Crewcut colleagues. They all agree they want to change!
He also found out that Auckland Council no longer use glyphosate and use the environmental friendly alternative from Wet and Forget.
Keep spreading the word and hope you are feeling better soon.


Oh noooooooo hope you are feeling better now xxxx

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