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August 13, 2014



its great that you have started this discussion Trina- depression effects so many people and usually its the people that from the outside seem to have it all and be so stable and happy that suffer the most. Its always sad when you hear of people that have taken their own life no matter who they are but we can all try to be more aware and like you say really try to supprt each other more. Its a horrible horrible illness and the more we can do to make people aware of it and help each other the better. xxx


Well spoken Trina and straight from the heart. Bullying goes on all the time behind the scenes, and in company. Quite amazing really when you think about it..I thought children were bad but Adults are far worse..These people need to get a life, think before they speak. Remember The old saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words can also hurt me. That is so very true..If you say something wrong then a simple sorry is ok, but to continue the nastiness is totally inappropriate..Social media definitely plays a huge part in this bullying, as messages, texts, emails are easily written behind the screens with absolutely no idea of the effects those words can have on some..Gutless is one word that springs to mind..Even the strongest of people break down. Lost in A big black dark hole, not everyone is capable of crawling back out of.. Agree with Francine just be there to help if needed...

Danielle Tilley

Just a quick one to let you know I've read your post and I get it. I think that the fact that people spend SOOOOOOOO much time ON social media such as Facebook / twitter and it becomes such a massive part of ones existence.. It can really become them. You know? I deliberately limit my time on FB etc because you're right, you can really feed off emotion and negativity and sometimes absorb others' problems or grievances. You reminded me of the nurse at the centre of Kate Middleton's stay in hospital and the prank call from the Aust radio station. I wonder if that wasn't broadcast and splashed around for the world to see, that beautiful nurse wouldn't have carried the huge burden of worldwide opinions on her shoulders. Like your quote at the bottom, she must have been drowning :( on the inside. My daughter started Prep this year, and my protective self is in turmoil!! What if? What if? She has a dancing class in the hall after school and she wanted to change into something comfy and immediately i started to think about if someone had a camera phone etc where does it end? I know for our household, personally, I treat social media much the same as tv, rather than scanning at every notification, just set aside an hour or so when our day is done and treat it moreso as a recreational activity. It makes it difficult if your business is intertwined though. Now I'm not sure if I am making sense! lol. It's a strain, so much to worry about. Life ain't easy huh? I wish I had more answers but you're on the right track. I could go on and on but I need to collect my babe from school ;) p.s sorry to hear someone was trying to sabotage your classes. What is it with some people!!!! Lastly, I would never unfriend you because you are gold! You are genuine and lovely and funny to boot, I only wish you were not over the Tasman :) big hugs xx


yip for sure...i suffer from anxiety and most of it is stuff swirling in my head!!! (me making it worse) ive learnt NOT to read too much online, not to have it in my thoughts otherwise it gets into my heart and soul!! once in....its in!!!

i cannot believe what i see some people do though!!!!...we all make mistakes but dont need to be MEAN....angry yes....mean NO. i see it every day in my job as a teacher and sadly..often i see it in the families....where kids are seeing it...and copying it.

I was bullied as a teenager and all my dislike of meanness and bullying...is based on what those girls did to me...how they made me feel. i am now the voice of those little people who have no voice....but once they go home, out into the world...to school, workplace...its a raw world that they see....and may copy!!!!

i just hope people who need help ask...i did and my lady is the best thing for me ever!!!!

i also hope people stop and think before they cut people down....we are all human but i live by the motto of.....
DO under others what YOU would have them DO unto YOU!!! great way to live

kia kaha to all who are struggling xxxxx

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