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November 10, 2013



yip is just horrid alright!!!!
and so many people to blame....people who could have done something...and still should!!!

i do laugh though that im hearing schools should have taught XYZ....um hello!!!!!! we have them for Xhours a day.....what about the first teachers...parents!!!

now i know life is harder for teens now...but i see/meet so many polite and grounded teens...so some people are sorting it!!

come on!!!
and now i hear those boys are scared cos the world knows about what they did...um hello YOU went on social media and bragged...what did you think WAS going to happen!!!
makes me cross too!!!

thanks for sharing your thoughts T...as all who are commenting will be sharing their own too!!!
above are my thoughts and mine only...

maggie armstrong

Thanks for sharing a brilliant and necessary post Trina. To make a difference, it starts with each and every one of us, in our own homes and our own families. xx


All very good points and well put Trina.

My experience has been that the minority get immense publicity while the larger numbers (not necessarily the majority), are out there enjoying themselves in a good manner.
When my son was about 15 he was at scout jamboree with thousands of other scouts, both girls and boys, having a wonderful time doing all sorts of activities that they would not otherwise be able to do. The kids respecting the opposite sex for their successes in overcoming fears and completing a challenge that scared the &@$? out of them. There was very little media coverage of this activity, but when 3 kids the same age burnt down the local school gymnasium, they hid front page news for several days. Very similar to what is happening at the moment in the news.

I also wonder what the police are doing in the background, trying to keep away from media in order to make a rock solid case against these boys. Again from my experience, my son and some of his mates at intermediate school ( so age about 10-11) were approached at school and offered drugs by another kid. They informed their teacher, and were very upset when nothing, or so they thought, was being done about. However, in the background and over a period of time, there definitely was some action being taken. Staff just needed to take their time while cooperating with the police, and catch the person who was actually supplying the drugs. In the kids eyes, nothing was being done and the kid who approached them, seemed to be getting away with the crime.
Thanks for sharing Trina, and I too wonder what these "high profile" kids have been allowed to get away with as little kids.

These PC rules are creating a whole generation of people with no respect for themselves, let alone anyone else.


Amen. That is all.


I so agree with all that has been said-why have we become such a sick society? I have also been enraged, this week, by the assault on an innocent older woman going to her mailbox, in broad daylight, and being sexually assaulted, in her home by a low life!! To an older person, or to anybody, their home is a sanctuary.

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