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June 23, 2013


sandra m

here here. Hubby and I comment often about the lack of manners today. I recently held a door open for a man leaving a store, he walked through and carried on!!!!! And often it isn't today's youth that are the issue but older people

Vicki Parker

Please and thank you are still magic words in our house. :)


Some people are too busy playing the blame game to get the gist of this. My daughter for one...trying to get her to apologise for anything is like pulling teeth.'but it's not my fault!' Is her catch phrase. Doesn't matter, not an issue of fault I say, you bumped into 'something' Say sorry.grrrrrr! Others it just comes naturally to. I always say sorry even when someone bumps into me, just nice. Greases the wheels of life. The number of times I have been the one sitting/standing back waiting while everyone takes their turn and been shafted by unthinking people is too many to count. I still try and let it go. No need to add my insult to injury!but double grrrrr!!being the bigger person is real tough sometimes;)


yip that kind of thing makes me mad too!!
and i also say something!!! lol

i always love to give my park to someone if i can!!!
pay it forward for sure!!!

and at kindergarten i always expect manners....others dont worry but i refuse to expect rudeness....or children who think they deserve the world!!!
hello...you gotta earn it missy!!!

Pauline Parker

Also one of my pet peeves..but how about opening a door for yourself to go through and having a man push past you!!!Grrr!!!

megan Gourlay

Not the first time Ive heard or seen that and yes manners do seem to be lacking in general..When people come into hospital sometimes manners seem to be left at the door too, and I realise it can be a stressful time but "Get me a blanket Im cold" could so easily be " Could I have an extra blanket please" thats what happened yesterday :(


I had a set of alphabet punches that I had no use for. There is a little 10 year old girl who has been coming to my Stampin' Night with her grandmother. She sits down and works right along with the grown-ups. I decided to give her the punches rather than give them to Goodwill. I don't know how many times she said "thank you" after I gave her the punches. That doesn't happen very often any more. You are lucky if you get one thank you, not a bunch. Made me really happy that I'd given her the punches.


Yes, good manners are so important. It's amazing how a simple gesture like giving a car park to somebody could actually impact significantly on the other person - it could be the ONLY good thing that happens to them that day! We can make a difference in people's lives by just being a little more patient and kind. Great post, Trina.

Janis in ID

The story of the little gal is sooooooo precious. She is a good example to us all!!

Umm...er...I don't mean to be rude, but did you ever choose the winner for your wee RAK you mentioned during the PaperHaus Blog Hop???? I think I must have missed the winner announcement. :(

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