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February 22, 2013



Wonderfully put


(((Hugs)))well said.

Vicki Parker

Couldn't agree more. :)


Good post - I agree with it all! I had some nasty comments recently and it did upset me, but I have realised that I don't want to stop blogging. I won't let the hater beat me!

Michelle Grant

Totally agree too! Here Here! xx


Hmmm, well said!! And by writing that post, you are doing exactly that! Being you. Don't stop.


Keep right on doing what you've been doing,can't please everyone.


When the one's who knock get you down, think of all the people who do write positivly...and keep those ones close to your heart.

maggie armstrong

Hi Trina. Please keep blogging, its cool to read about chicken adventures, the amazing cakes you make and your talented scrapping. Bugger the knockers, andrremember tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in this little county of ours! Xx


You are one of the most creatively courageous people I know.....keep up the great work.


why do woman need to criticize others!!!

TRINA we love you
your work
all you create
your chicken stories
and all those yummo cakes
we celebrate your achievements
and those of your kids
this is YOUR blog
we love you
so share what you like
we love it all
the end


I read a quote recently which essentially said that people who are negative and criticise etc are really just speaking out of their stuff/ baggage and it has very little to do with what they are commenting on/ complaining about.


Be assured we love reading about you and your family and all the day to day happenings. We are able to share your fun times and also feel for you in the not so flash times-that's what life should be about, caring and sharing.


Don't stop blogging as many of us enjoy your daily tales and all the inspiration.

Lynda Geary

Hi Keep creating and anyone who has time to criticise others obviously needs to get a LIFE.

Pauline Parker

Please don't stop blogging or doing anything in your daily life just because of the negative people out there. My Mum always told us "if they are knocking, picking on you, or talking about you they are leaving someone else alone" Think of that often in this craft of ours..Do what you do well, comunicate with those of us who want to hear your wonderful family stories. Keep postivie people/words close and bin the negative ones. Kia Kaha


Great post Trina and I agree "Creativity takes Courage". I love reading your family stories and seeing your creativity, both scrapbooking, cakes, thoughts and the Sunday Shake Up. Your talents both creatively and as a communicator shine through in the wider scrapbooking community. Although I do not get many comments on my blog I cannot recall any negative ones. Take Care and continue inspiring other like minded people.


I love visiting your blog,reading about your chickens and hearing stories about your kiddos, watching them grow up. Not so much the drooling over your beautiful cakes and wishing I had 1/2 your talent! Lol. You go Girl!

Donna M

Just remember all the people you inspire in a positive way by blogging. They will by far outnumber the knockers. We must catch up soon!


I'm a big believer in "if you can't say something nice, say nothing at all". Unfortunately not everyone subscribes to this policy - particularly with the anonomity the net gives us. A blog should be whatever you want it to be and I think that yours is beautiful. Have a fantastic day, Trina :)

Lianne Williams

You are one of the most amazing woman I know,I truly wonder how you fit everything into any one given day. It is a shame that there are so many negative people around but they are just not worth wasting time on...dwell on the positive...and just keep on being you

Kate Blue

agreed! and for each person who is a negative nelly, there will be 2 more positive pam's to take their place! I used to get negative and snide comments when I first started blogging about 5 years ago and I really had to let people know that my blg is for me and my family and that the crafty stuff I share is really just an added bonus....they either like or not :) Keep doing your thing and newbies like me will come :):)

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