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November 05, 2012



Hugs hun, you are so very right xx

Vivian K

Sorry you're going through this - I think experiences like this make you lose faith in humanity, if only temporarily. But it is one of the worst feelings I know. My thoughts are with you and hoping you will be able to let go soon. I find sometimes that focusing really hard on the loves in your life helps you move forward.

Sue Smith

An Aunt once once showed me that it is people, not 'things' that matter. The bullying and the stress this woman is causing your family, need addressing. The house can wait. The years go so fast that another year for the house is nothing when you look back later. You have a lovely 'home'! 'Home', being a happy place living with people you love. Thinking of you :)


I hear what you are saying T, letting go is easier said than done as I know it.. You have a beautiful family, wonderful friends who are here for you. Its really hard to believe there are so many selfish and nasty individuals out there, sent to test us im sure, but they are there and that is life.. Be Strong Hun and deep Breaths Hugs xx

Donna M

Sorry to hear this Trina. As you know we have had a similar thing years back which has taken it's toll on us but due to DH being strong and not giving up, somehow we are going forward. My advice (with hugs) is that both you and Andy will need to stay strong when the other is down; look forward find the little positives every day to get by.
But it's b***dy hard not to let it knaw - that's just being human.
For all the nasty people out there, fortunately there are more lovely ones.


Stay strong. Sending all my thoughts your way. So sucky about the house thing - sometimes doing the grown up sensible thing is so hard - however time will go fast. Hugs for you all.hxx

Wendy Sigvertsen

Well said Trina. I often say each action causes a reaction and have myself been the subject of this. Letting go of the hurt helps. Some people are just not worth worrying about. Know that you are not alone in this.

Denise S-B

Thinking of you and sending hugs. Life has a funny way of sending you these curve balls which make you rethink and revise where you are going and what you are doing. While it seems hard at the time, as time passes you often see that there is a reason why they happen. I too have been through similar challenges, being bullied at school, later losing jobs, losing my home, being estranged from family, and of course battling cancer ... But each of these things has made me the person I am today and I believe has made me stronger. It never gets easier to deal with these things but you do know that you can survive them and come out the other side still smiling.


And the world continues to teach us x


Beautifully written Trina - and I guess it resonates with all of us, evidence of that can be seen in all the comments.


oh my we so need to SKYPE!!!!
all these little things at one moment all together then BOOM the impact!!!
full on alright!!! glad you have good people on your side!!!

as for this bully....cos it is...keep ON the school cos this child will need help with some issues...and is sadly taken an impact on your darling girl...she is the outlet...and its NOT ok.
As someone who was bullied....i cant stand it...but sadly you need to TEACH children how NOT to take power over others....and sometimes if happening at school...can be happening to them at home!!!
so keep on it
you are in Sarah's corner!!!

xxxxxxxxarohanui to YOU ALL xxxxxxxxxxx

sandra m

It is so sad that there are such mean, self focussed people in the world. I know there are times I can be one of those people :-( but hope that those I have hurt I have enough integrity to go back to and apologise, Love to your wee family and PS your photo is gorgeous


My heart goes out to you and your family and the hurt you must be feeling.It made me so sad to read of this and how it has impacted on your lives.

Michelle Lindenmayer

Thank you for your inspirational story today. Made me feel a little better about my own situation at the moment. As you say, it is a shame to let other people change the way you feel. We can choose to be angry and disappointed or we can choose to be glass half full and look at the good and positive things in our life. Your decision in having to put off your house building resinates with me as we have had to put off a couple of wonderful things in our life as well - stay strong and big hugs x

Megan Renfree

Oh man, that is such a bummer Trina, I'm so sorry. I know how excited you were/are over your house, I can just imagine your disappointment. You are amazing for being able to move forward like you are. As for the bully. Keep on top of it. I seem to be constantly dealing with a similar situation. Bullies suck, boy &girl bullies are all the same and they drive me insane.

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