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September 07, 2012



Use some vanilla essence on a damp paper towel to clean your fridge. Works for me every time!

Enjoy the French lessons and your weekend :-)

Vicki Parker

Love random thoughts posts. Go you on the French lessons and the kids on their speeches. :) PS my fridge stinks too and have no idea!!!


Trina at the back of the fridges down the bottom (sometimes) is a tray that holds water and "stuff" that comes out of the fridge. I did what you did once and it took weeks before i figured out that was there and problem solved - worth a look. Also the banilla essece is a good one!
Good luck


what kind of cheese is Andy making? if it's blue then it probably is the culprit! I've seen people use wine fridges for cheese making so it didn't stink out their fridge.

good luck with the chooks. one of my leghorns is completely nuts :/ they're so different from the other chooks i've had. oh well it's an experience lol


Baking soda mixed with water absorbs smells? I'm thinking you may need to place some sort of odor absorber in fridge for a bit?


some times it smells when the gas needs replenishing if you have had the fridge awhile and agree with Rachel, I have experienced the same thing.


Rachel has taken the words out of my mouth (or my post??). We had the same problem and it was the water that collects at the back of the fridge. My husband thought I was imagining the smell.... so it felt good when he found it :)


suggestions - get Andy his own 'cheese fridge' :-)

Michelle Frisby

like Lara's idea ... and yep, I'm another one with the vanilla essence ... a couple of drops on a plate or in an egg dish ... change it every few days ... we had the rotten egg smell in a kitchen cupboard ... took a while, but finally got rid of that smell, and that smell is definite worse than the cheese smell ... it was gross.

Denise Spicer-Boyes

I've used vanilla to wipe out the fridge and then just a small bowl of plain baking soda (just dry) left in the fridge will absorb any odors. another I learnt just recently for cleaning is to soak the skin off an orange in white vinegar for a few days and then use the liquid ... Good luck with the fridge.


great list....will start quizzing you on your french now!!! lol!!!
as for the smell...baking soda removes smells for me...works well!!! hope the smell goes!!!

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