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August 22, 2012



Oh Trina, I can relate to your post. I lost 15kg in 2008 but I have put almost all of it back on. A couple of weeks ago, I decided that enough was enough. I looked at my weight gain from a totally different angle. Instead of trying to lose weight for the previous reasons I had (to fit my clothes, to look better, to feel better about myself, to be healthier), I am now looking at it from the point of view that I am no longer going to abuse my body with food. I actually confessed doing so to God as a sin (I know that some people will think that's nuts, but for me it was a real defining moment in my journey). I still know that when I get back to goal, maintenance will be the hardest thing I've ever done - much harder than losing - but I'm hoping that my new approach towards the issue will help me along the way. I'll be thinking of you, too, as you think of ways to handle your situation. We can do it! x

Chris M

Oh Trina, it's such a hard thing isn't it!? I know for me it was a combination of different elements, but I found that I had to give up crafting completely and focus solely on the weight loss for it to happen for me. I've slowly introduced it back in to my life, but exercise always comes first for me now. I still struggle constantly with it and am carrying a couple of extra winter kgs right now. I'm about to start a 10 week challenge at my gym to shed those and hopefully a couple more!! I know you'll find the right balance for you and I know you can do it because you've done it before!!! Best of luck xo


Hang in there Trina. I think you are a gorgeous person inside and out but could write a million pages on the weight loss issue!!! I have finally lost all my weight and maintained it for 3 years but it took years of counselling a new approach to me and realising that for most my life I wasn't really overweight until I finally was and then I made some of my best friends ever even at my biggest weight. I think I needed to get fat to realise that people like me for me and not what I look like. Ironically I think scrapping helped me gain the weight too.....
Thanks for reaching out to me the other day...I never forget all those great friends I made whilst scrapping.....Sallyd xxxx


Good on you for reflecting and figuring out what the real cause has been, old photos amazing in that you can look at them with such different eyes from the future.
I always think about that saying that says be happy with the way you look now because in 10 years time you are going to wish you still looked like that lol!
I think you are amazing no matter how much you weigh and I am sure Andy and the kids and all of your other friends and family do too, thanks for putting it out there though because it gives us all a chance to reflect as well.
And have a fantastic holiday with you lovely family!


yip sucks for sure!!!
ive put all the weight back on i lost at ww
and sadly i eat crap now as that is a battle i am not ready to face.....soon!!! but for now im looking forward to longer days...and evenings when i can go for a walk after a long day at work!!!

hang in there

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Lovely ideas...Never thought of that before.

how to gain weight fast

After loosing a ton of weight a couple of years ago, I put it back on over the last two years (yes, it took all of two years to put it back on - so why didn't I notice and do something about it


completely going through exact same cycle Trina! Have pu ton half what i lost last year and now am wantin git off again and wondering how to then keep it off but I love to cook and bake ????? Hmmmm

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