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May 27, 2012



Am I right in guessing it might be closer to the top of the South Island than the bottom? If so - I will be doing my best to be there!!

Vicki Parker

So a long road trip might be in order?? Will certainly be giving it some thought :)


how cool!!!
just across the water!!!
will see what i can do!!!

kellie L

Looking forward to it!


oh sounds all very exciting!


Whoop whoop. It's gonna be great!


Looks pretty. Sounds pretty. But I'm not good at guessing games. More information please:)

Fiona Angus

Sounds great look forward to hearing more!!


This slow leaking of info is doing my head in!! Really looking forward to next instalment!


Oooohhhh, mysteries and surprises... such fun! I am guessing you are heading back to Nelson... what fun! Hope you do not have too many bruises. Take Care and I look forward to the next installment :)


Sure sounds like it is the top of Mainland as they say. Sounds so tempting so far..


Hmmm Christmas in August!


So thrilled to hear you are coming back to the best place in the country which is the top of the south, can't wait. I was unable to make it to your last class but did purchase one of your kits so will have my calendar highlighted for this very special date. Can't wait


donna brookland

can wait and class is a good class i say


how exciting- especially if its in Nelson - i think that me and Mrs P and probably Megan would be keen to come if not more CHCH gals!! Can't wait to hear more!

barbara gregory

What,2013 that's to long to wait!!


Oooh how lovely and because a very special person is involved, I know it can only be simply fabulous!!


who can resist? hope you're feeling better soon trina


Lucky South! Too far away from me :(


Lucky Everyone who gets to go to Trina's Fabulous Friendly classes! Enjoy


Any chance you can get seriously confused and come to Dunedin instead of Nelson - we're also "by the sea", just a little further south. Pleeeeeeeease!

Karen Drage

I would love to come, Nelson is a beautiful place.

Julie Clement

You are such a tease Trina! I live in hope that one day you will be coming soon to a store near me!


Sounds wonderful!

Dee Sturgeon

Ooh I'm in... and I live close by!! Nelson area is such a nice place to be but it will be extra nice with a weekend of scrapping and fun with fab people! Can't wait.


Sounds very exciting. Might have to keep a close eye on grab a seat for some flight specials.

Elaine Krammer

Yay I "in" as well, roll on 2013...

Beth Barnes

You'll be down this way? Looking forward to.

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