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March 21, 2012


megan gourlay

Oh dear, I don't think anything I can say can help how you feel then or now. I have no idea how that must feel, to lose something so precious and then be forgotten about, deos'nt really bear thinking about. Heres a big cyber hug from me mwah!


Biggest warmest hugs Trina. You've reduced me to tears.


Thank you for your amazing reflection. As I read you memories, they mirror my own experience nearly 7 and 5 years ago. Like you I have an amazing life, a gorgeous coming up fours year old and feel so lucky. Like you I cry at other stories. The tears are welling as I type.

Thank you ...


I cried as I watched it as well - it brought the vivid memory back for me too. I lost my baby over 20 years ago but the feeling of utter dispair at the moment of realisation has never left me. I think it's ok to still greive and to have a cry about it from time to time, as we do for other lost loved ones. Big Hugs Trina. xoxo

Vicki Parker

I don't think it ever goes away and I still find it hard to watch those scenes on TV where they are doing scans, even after 16 yrs. Still have negative thoughts about the midwife at the time too who never contacted us again afterwards. Hugs to you.


Trina, I know just how you feel. I lost twin boys at 26 weeks almost 19 years ago and I still think of them and that time almost daily. If I close my eyes, I can still see their little hearts on the monitor with no beat. We went on to have 3 daughters who fill my life with love, laughter and a ton of frustration (I also have an older son) but I still wonder about how our life would have been and who those little boys would have grown into.


(((hugs))) now promise me you'll take a deep breath, and smile. it's good to remember - both the good and the bad.


Hugs Trina.


Big hugs from me. Daughter lost her baby even earlier than that but the memory of the grandchild that was never to be still tugs at my heartstrings. Our midwife was fantastic. Two beautiful boys were born later whom I love to bits but the little one is still there in our hearts.


Beautiful post, Trina. HUGS! xx

Michelle Whorwood

I know exactly where you are coming from. I think scans still freak me out... I forget to breathe... Such a precious thing bringing a life into this world. Miscarriage is more common than everyone thinks but unfortunately because it is so difficult to talk about often it is something. Experienced alone which is truly awful. Hugs to you and to your wee angel baby.

Beverley cunningham

Lots of Hugs Trina I know how you feel - this sort of thing happens to me still and my baby girl would have been 11 this year. I almost hold my breath when my friends who have been pregnant and get to the 23 week stage because of what we went through. It's funny how things can set you off. The memories are still vivid for me and I will always wonder what Ashley would have been like. I had a miscarriage 13 years ago at 7 weeks, Brendan was a 32 weeker and after Ashley I had an eptopic pregnancy where they removed the tube. but there is hope as we went on to have another two babies christopher then kaitlyn who along with Brendan keep our life's busy with lots of challenges and awesome moments too.


gosh - so sorry to hear this Trina- i feel for you and all women who have lost their precious babies - it must be one of the most difficult things that a woman has to bear- good on you for talking about it as it usually is such a taboo subject although it seems to happen to so many people....

Kelly Loubet

Dear Trina... I've experienced this twice in my life. Once early on (which doesn't minimize it) and once at the start of the second trimester. My door is always open for you if you ever want to talk! *much love*

Teryl McKenzie

I have just shed a tear reading your sad post. I do not know the pain but remember when my brother lost his baby at 20 weeks, our whole family grieved. We still talk about their beautiful girl who was not to be. Big hugs xo


oh mate

Mrs Frizz

I sit here with tears just rolling down my face ... big hugs.


After almost 40 years I still remember the feeling Trina, 3 times and then with the help of medical intervention we went on to have 5 beautiful children and I now use this to comfort young ones who go through this great sadness and offer them hope. I had a wonderful doctor who explained at the time that it is God's way of telling you something just was not quite right this time. A young teacher on our staff has just been through this experience twice lately and I cannot believe that she is now to have the exact same treatment I did 40 years ago.We didn't have the benefit of scans though.Love and blessings to you all.


Trina, thank you so much for sharing this reflection and memory. I too went through a similar thing many, many years ago, but like you say, an experience like that never quite leaves you. .. Now my DIL is expecting our first grand child, next Tuesday they will have their first scan and I can only pray that things will be alright. Your post just brought it home to me again just how precious life is.
Big hugs!
PS I am really looking forward to working together with you on the SB blog! Hope we hear more soon!

Pauline Parker

Hi Trina Our oldest, a daughter turned 44 in January and before her we miscarried a precious child who was much wanted. I comfort myself in the fact that if that little soul had come on earth we wouldn't have had the beautiful daughter we have. Then ten years later we lost the twin of our youngest, another daughter and she is thought of every day, but especially around birthday time. Every child is precious and needs to be loved. Blessings Pauline


I am so sorry for your terrible loss. I am glad, however, that you are happy now with your family. I agree with you that miscarriages are never talked about..the only thing ever said is, "Oh you'll be alright, you can try again!" Not the thing you need to hear at that time.
Thank you for sharing your experiences.
I send you a delayed but still heartfelt(along with many others here, I read)great big hug!

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