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February 19, 2012



yes ive learnt with my joint issues to be STILL as much in the weekends/evenings (opp to you) otherwise work during the day is a no go!!!

our bodies are screaming out (PAIN) we must listen to them!!!
you and me both babe xxxxxxxx


Agree with Mandy, your body is telling you to slow down! I know that can't be easy (as I am also a very busy person, and being FORCED to slow down when I broke my ankle was HORRIBLE and I was terrible at it). But I think you should try and "schedule" some time for just chilling out with a movie or having a nap or reading a book. Put it in your diary so you don't forgo it to do something else. Hard one, though. Us mums don't find it easy to do nothing ... even when it's the best thing for us!


I agree as well with Mandy & Hannah, when not well REST but I can't do it either as my mine is telling me what I should be doing instead of trying to REST, I am on the go the whole time as well I think all mum's are & it is in our genes to go go go....but I find men can relax so much easier than ladies..But like the idea of puttin it in your diary.maybe I should go to bed now instead of checking my fb, emails & reading my favourite blogs..


:) oh yeah! Believe me I know how hard it is to slow done and stop doing 'stuff'. In the end I had to really pare back on everything but the basics last year just to get thru, and I'm not sure I did that well on that front sometimes! You have to though - and you will find a new way, hopefully one you enjoy even more than the path you're on now. I think the reverse of the above, don't worry so much about 'forced' rest, think about limiting time on 'unnecessary' things(set time limits/get an egg timer) - don't do them unless you love them or absolutely have to. Rest can come in the form of doing things you love - and sitting down doing them!LOL


Yes, make time to rest. We all 'make time' for the things we love so make rest something you love. Every day from 1 till 2 or 3. Those other 'terribly important' jobs will wait and you may find they are not so important after all. Family is a priority but do they want a tired grumpy Mum or do they want a refreshed Mum who can really enjoy their company?? Family won't care if everything is not done but they will care if everything is done and you are too tired to enjoy their company which means that those other things are more important than them. Now, put your feet up, watch some trash on tv, snore to your heart's content, read a Mills and Boon, whatever, enjoy your time on this earth and don't sweat the small stuff cos its all small stuff!


agree with all the advice given... one of the hardest things i've had to come to terms with, with my back injury... pacing. but as you once loved to run think of your week like a race... you need to look after yourself first so that you can look after your family. i've found guided meditations help me relax too :)


Gosh, I rarely get a chance to visit your blog but it seems every time I do I discover something else we have in common ;-)

I've had CFS for decades. (Actually one of the first people in NZ diagnosed with ME as they used to call it - a claim to fame I'd happily do without).

You are definitely on the right track with listening to your body, but I still struggle with that. There's always something that NEEDS to be done isn't there?

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