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February 22, 2012



Quen me cambio la vida pues el sacrapbookin por supuesto me encantan las manualidades pero cuando conoci esta tecnica no podia creer el no haberla conocido antes, pero hay una persona en particular que me cambio la vida se llama Teresa Martines, vive en chiva-valencia-españa,es la artista mas completa que conosco y fue la que me introdujo en esta locura de creatividad, ella no tiene blog, ni cuelga sus fotos en inteernet pero os puedo asegurar que es una maravilla y seguro que si la conocierais se la rifarian todas las marcas para ser su creativa diseñadora, desde aqui le mando grandes besos y mis mas eternos agradecimientos por haber aparecido en mi vida


i've always felt like a black sheep, walking to my own beat and seeing things very differently to those around me. several years ago, i met someone who introduced me to a concept i'd never come across before via a book. the comfort i felt from this book was more than i'd ever felt from anything... ever! from that point on i knew that even though i was a black sheep, i wasn't alone. i have since met many black sheep who i am fortunate enough to have as friends. the universe always provides... when you least expect it to :)


I have changed my own life; and I have found that the most amazing, empowering change of all - I never knew how much I could change things; and now I know that there is no limit to where I can go from here.


The person who changed my life was a tutor called Denise, she belived in me and helped me study to gain a qualification and get a job
she has been of great suport to me and my confience has grown and and i am now off welfare working a fabulous person who inspired me when i was not motivated and alone


I know it sounds corny but my kids have changed my life. Having children has made realize what is important. Yes my life with them is now busy, sometimes stressful, and at the odd time purely chaotic but I have never felt so happy in myself as I do at this moment in time.

Julie Clement

My first husband died and I was left with two beautiful children under 3 years old. I thought I would never find someone who would take on a woman with two children but just over a year later I met a wonderful man who loved both me and my children. We have just celebrated our Silver Wedding anniversary and I know my life would never have been the same without him in it. Love you honey.

Charlene K.

My BFF changed my life when my Mother passed away. She opened her heart to me to include me as a family member and has been that way for 20+ years. We are as close as sisters, and when her Mother passed away, I was able to help her through the worst time of her life.
Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck to us all!


One of my children has changed my life. They have some special needs and so a whole new world has opened up for me, where I'm having to learn things that most parents don't need to, who have 'regular' kids. I've met and cried with other parents who are going through similar issues with their children. School is no longer a place I can simply send my child off to, at the start of the year, as I can with my other kids. I have to ensure that all of their teachers are in the know of his learning needs and then I have to deal with incidents that occur throughout the year involving my child. I could go on..! My child has made me far more sympethetic and empathetic to what some families go through all the time in our society.


My late brother changed my life!

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