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September 23, 2011


Vicki Parker

This house is the 4th that we have built. High on my list is storage - all our kids have a full wall of wardrobes as well as a wall of extra storage in the dining room (games/puzzles and linen). A separate laundry room and a separate toilet in the ensuite. Nothing more frustrating than someone in the shower and someone needing that second loo!!! After the quakes - gas cooking is a must. We are already gathering ideas for our next house when we downsize when all the kids leave home. Exciting stuff.


My 2 big must haves if we were designing and building would be a walk in pantry and a huge kitchen sink!
How exciting!


Oh and I forgot one thing...I would love to have a huge laundry so there was actually room there to fold washing etc.

Annelie Maddock

All I can say is STORAGE and TWO toilets. The rest will be fine... ;)

Megan Renfree

Its exciting isn't it! We have just finalised our new house design. Now I just want them to hurry up and build it so I can move in!! One thing we are having for Mark, who is the cook, is a scullery, which is like a big walk in Pantry area off the kitchen to put all of the appliances etc in to keep the actual kitchen nice and tidy. Thats his "fun space". Mine is my scrapbooking nook off the lounge. Its just a small area where I can scrap, and close off if I want to, but can keep open and be part of the family as well if I want to rather than having a whole scrap room.

We have also taken one of the bedrooms, and have turned it into a lounge for the boys. So that when they are teenagers, they have somewhere to go to make noise and give us some peace and quiet. It is in between their bedrooms. Its hard to get everything you want, within your budget ! but I feel we are getting there. There is a really good website I like to look at for ideas, its www.houzz.com plus pinterest of course :o)

Dawn Stan

I would say storage. When we bought the house we are living in now it was a selling point. We have huge floor to ceiling cupboards in all the bedrooms, a entire wall of cupboards in a large laundry, a large pantry and we built a huge walk in cupboard for all the other bits and pieces.
Another thing I would consider is which way your windows face for good sunlight in winter and also double glazed windows. A little dear to begin with but the savings long term are worth it.


Storage for sure. And I agree with Annelie about the toilets. Also, don't forget the little things like heated mirrors, 2-way light switches, extra power points where you don't think you'll need them (because you actually will). Post-reno, there is one big thing I would have done differently ... I would have put in a central vacuum system, because I HATE lugging the vacuum cleaner up and down from the top storey to the bottom!

Julie Clement

I would have to say "colour". I HATE the way modern houses are all either cream on cream or beige. Especially with children. It doesn't have to be a lot of colour, or a particularly bright colour, but use it to create a warm and welcoming feel instead of looking cold, sterile and boring. You're a scrapper - you'll know what I mean!


...storage and lots of it!! a scullery area/walk in pantry would be a dream,2 lounge areas, separe toliet and bathroom.
i have my scrapbook with my dream house...lots of duckegg it seems.


Everyone has really good ideas. I really like Megans comments. I LOOOOVE my separate pantry room. Wish the kids rooms were bigger. Love the big open plan living. Would never want to shut myself away in a separate room to scrap. The deck opening right from the kitchen - excellent indoor/outdoor living. Yes - heaps of storage. Don't put in so many windows that you have no-where for furniture. All our windows are to the floor though - love that.Love that my kitchen is all drawers too. Carpet your bathroom and toilet floors - we always have and is so much nicer and the carpet has never rotted away etc(heehee). Love that the kids rooms are 'separate' from ours too.


same as above but a couple of other things, as you have 3 children I would suggest that you make sure that all the kids rooms are EXACTLY the same size, a 4 bedroom house never seams to achieve this!! - warderobe systems in each warderobe, storage - I have a walk in pantry and just love it loads of power points and all the shelving is open - just perfect,I have a opaque inwall sliding door for it to be all tucked away, I also have a french door fridge freezer which I think is the cat p.j.s you have the whole 900 width for putting platters on etc. another feature we have in our home that I have not seen anywhere else is that we have a dual ensuite - picture the main bed with side tables and then a door on each side, we have our own vanity, toilet and then theres a glass shower that seperates the two - bloody amazing and your very own toilet total luxury I tell you


most people have covered my things...
top 5....
get as much sun as poss
good storage
indoor/outdoor flow and living
LIGHT ...natural lighting if poss!!
drive on access/garage


I regret having a kitchen/dining/lounge space all open plan in one barnlike space. Noise just won't stay in its own space!! Would love a butler's pantry. Two toilets are a must plus another one off garage where you can dash into from outside without having to traipse through the house. Big garage, not just the minimal 2 car one but make it big enough for bikes, skateboards, man's stuff. Separate laundry.


Storage :)


My "must haves" aren't very exciting really (which is lucky, as it means they're attainable). :P

I'm having a power shower. No matter what happens, I'm having a power shower. It probably means that time in the shower will have to be strictly rationed but right now, it feels like I'm trying to wash my hair with a garden hose.

I'm also having a huge brick barbecue. We used to have one when I was younger but then we got rid of it, for some unknown reason. And charcoal barbecues are so much nicer than gas powered ones.

And finally, I'm having a dandelion in a pot. Or at least, I'm going to try. I don't know if they'll much like being in pots or not but I intend to find out.

One thing that I'd love that really isn't going to happen is to have my house standing on its own little bit of land, the way that a lot of the American and Canadian houses do. I'm not a recluse or anything like that but it would be nice to be able to walk ten steps in any direction without finding myself on someone else's doorstep.

I'm crying for the moon there though. Any property even vaguely approaching that description would have a crazy house valuation sitting on top of it.

Abdul Jackson

Talking about must-haves, we are all contented with four sturdy walls and a roof that will protect our home. Anyway, it depends on what a family needs for them to survive. But having a well-laid plan will solve all your must-have problems. Just be sure that you have a cold cash or home loan to use. Hehe!

Colby Moore

Must haves: an attic bedroom and an aviary at the center of the house. The attic bedroom is a classic that I won't get tired of wanting. It's a childhood thing. LOL! As for the aviary, it must be contained in sliding glass walls. I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to birds' chirping. Inside the aviary is a garden... no flowers please. Just green things.... I can imagine sunlight penetrating through those glass walls, especially in the morning.

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