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May 23, 2011


Louise Williams

All the luck in the world hon, I can relate. With Crohn's it makes me so tired I sometimes have to take to my bed for a day that I often can't waste that kind of time on! Fortunately I've been pretty much in remission with it for a while now but it still creeps up on me occasionally if I've been burning the candle at both ends for too long. Listen to your body (and I'll start listening to mine!) and rest up... you'll be up and atom again soon xx

Claire Richards

Wishing you all the best Trina and hoping that you recover soon, you will then be able to make up for all the lost opportunities. Maybe keep a journal of all the things you and your family can do when you do recover and plan some awesome stuff, because you will get there. {{{Hugs}}}
Claire xx

Vicki Morris

Big hugs to you Trina - just take each day as it comes and always look for the silver lining - even though some days it may just be a little hard to find - other days it may just turn out gold!!
:) Vicki

Raewyn A

Trina, you are a wonderful person who is always giving to others, now my friend you need to take this time that your body needs to recover. I wish you a speedy recovery. Look for one small thing each day that you can be thankful for. xo Raewyn

Karen keiper

do what you need to do to make yourself better for yourself and your family. good luck.

Chris M

Hi Trina, so sorry to read that you're suffering CFS. After doing such a fabulous job with your weight loss and getting fit again it must be nearly killing you to have to sleep so much. Hang in there mate, it will be worth it to get strong again. Hugs xo


Sending huge hugs your way and wishing you get better sooner than later - look after yourself

Dianne H

Definitely wishing you LUCK and Best Wishes on your road to recovery. Take Care.


how frustrating....i know when i have glandular fever i never used to leave my chair all weekend!!! then week at work then back to the chair!!!! i soon learnt (and still do!!!) to chill over the weekends/evenings.... otherwise i am good to NO ONE!!!!
same applies to you!!!! its ok to chill!!!! re-charge.....relax!!!!
hope you feel better soon!!!

megan gourlay

From reading everyones comments, you have no need to worry - you have amazing amount of support out here in the scrapping community!!! We are all behind you and know that with a bit of time and sleep! you will get better. Take things slowly (thats a bit ironic coming from me the most impatient person on the planet!) but you will get to your goal.


I'm thinking of you, Trina. I can only imagine how frustrating and difficult it must be for you to be on the sidelines and unable to join in. I would hate it, I know. But it's so important that you listen to your body, and it's okay to rest and relax when that's what you need. Big hugs!


Just letting you know my thoughts are with you as you struggle to slow down and accept the situation you find yourself in.It's hard to relax when you see so many things needing doing or wanting to just get up and get on with it!Take time to rest,I'm sure it will benefit you in the long term.


Every stage of your life is necessary for different reasons. We were always meant to be right here, even when we don't think we want to be. Sometimes that is the lesson itself. Sometimes the reason will not be apparent for a long time after. You will get through this. We need the bad times in life, in order to truly appreciate the good. Hugs Hx

Sophia Allison

Wishing you all the best...


Oh man Trina, that must be so hard. Yay to finally have a diagnosis though and to be able to work towards the cure. Take it easy chick and look after yourself.

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