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January 31, 2011


Beck C

:( I am sorry, that sucks for you and your family hon. The fighting is about the government not spending its money to help those in squallor, even though it takes plenty of money in the way of taxes from its people. It sounds like the politicians are lining their own pockets so to speak, so you can't blame the general populous for complaining. Particularly bad timing on your part! You are lucky that you are in the position of being able to take your kids to such far off places.


I am so sad to see the distruction that is going on in Cairo with these riots. Marty and I visited Egypt in 2001 while we were living in the UK, and spent 4 days wandering the city of Cairo. We spent a day at the museum looking at all the Egyptian artifacts, mummies and to see pictures on the news this morning of the smashed exhibits was so sad.
I don't understand the background to the riots either, but no problems are going to get solved by the destruction of historical exhibits!
Have you thought of Turkey as an alternative? Some amazing mosques in Istanbul, and natural wonders like Pamukkale to visit there, not forgetting Anzac Cove at Gallipoli.


Dear Trina,I´m so sorry my friend I know what it means,have almost everything ready and have to change it....
You know I worked as a travel agent for 20 years so if you need any help please ask me.

Well about your trip to Africa I´ve been there and I think kids will love it!!!
You can go to South Africa that has many many places to visit like Cape Town that it´s a really beautiful city,then if you want you can flight to Durban that has a big indian influence or going for all the cost stopping on some nice places before arrive Durban.Then you can choos any of the many animal reserves they have.
Also you can to Kenia,Zambia to visit the Victoria falls,Tanzania well many amazing places.

And about Mexico all the problems are non on the touristic route.You vcan go to all the Mayan ruins on Yucatan and Merida that are on the south,no problems there and make the Mexican colonial route that is so beautiful and interesting.Also you can visit Guatemala where you can visit the Tikal ruins that are AMAZING and then visit the old Guatemala city called Antigua and the Atitlan lake.... well many amazing places.
Sorry if I made mistakes with english but remember that my language is spanish


India? Madagascar? Nepal?


annoying but so glad you can all be safe and not go into the middle of that warfare!!! scary stuff!!!


Eygpt is amazing. It'll happen but when the kids are older - which can be a good thing !! Turkey is fanTAStic !! Have been there twice and is worth considering - so much to see and do. What about China ? There's some incredible places to visit....I live in Hong Kong (we're kiwis)with our 2 children and they've certainly had their eyes opened to the way the world is....however, when we visit NZ, for them, it's a whole new experience.....NZ is not what they're used to ! How's that for irony !


Sorry about that Trina - such a bad thing to happen when you've done so much planning. What about NZ? Have your children seen Milford Sound? Stewart Island? Mt Cook/Aoraki? Gone on a boat trip from Lyttleton Harbour and seen Hector's dolphins? So much to do down there - we spent four weeks and didn't see everything


That's a real shame, Trina. I was so sad to hear about what's going on in Egypt, and I hope it can be solved peacefully. Such a sad state of affairs.

I hope you can find another great place to go instead.


A dear friend of mine who does a lot of travelling, taking tours etc, loves Vietnam for its French influence. About three years ago he ventured into Cambodia and that really opened his eyes. He is not a "child" person but he went to a well run orphanage and the sights he saw broke his heart. Even though the orphanage was well run it had nothing, not even beds for the kids to sleep on yet the children were so happy and so polite. He had only small things to give them like pencils and paper but they were so delighted with their gifts and took care of them even making sure that all the kids had something. My friend came, home set up a trust fund to help these kids and continues to visit them. Cambodia will certainly teach your family about how other children have to cope.

Sophia Allison

Sorry to hear that, you could always come to South Africa...


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