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December 07, 2010



will see what I can do... Could you give us a specific last-possible-date for us time poor folks please? I'm having some days off over Christmas so should be able to churn a few out.


once work is over i will give it my best go!!! to do some pages for you!!!


I'd certainly try to get some together but need an idea of the dates we have to work too :) What a lovely cause to scrap for, thanks for sharing the info :)

Megan Gourlay

Im happy to contribute too, I would post to Dunedin, so could you give me the dates please.


count me in Trina!!.......i'll start next week when my kids finish school.

Sharon Newport

I am sure I can come up with some Trina. Will be more than happy to help out


Just read yesterday's blog,I'm more than willing to help such a great cause.

liz Hicks

Hey Trina I'm in... I will try to do as many as I can! Please send me your addy again!!!! i might just hold an eve at my home with some of my SU gals and get a few done together! Can I pop this on my blog and add a link to you? ta xxxxxx

sam raymond

Hi Trina
I have a bundle that a have made over the year, if you can email me your address I can get the bundle off to you. Will get my A into G and get some more done.


I'm sure you know that things are a bit hard here at the moment. Today was our monthly scrapping day and I was in no frame of mind to scrap l/os for me so I made 16 of these for you. Maybe I'll have time to do some more


Hi Trina. I've got about 45 layouts here...... do you have enough for this camp, in which I can save these and make more for the next camp, or shall I send them to Dunedin? Let me know an address if they are to go to Dunedin and I will get them away tomorrow.


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