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October 31, 2010



have beaten you to it....already discussed this on fb....i dont like the meaning or concept....but am all for organised parties so kids can drress up and have fun!!!

cute little sign you made too...

see ya FRIDAY!!!!!!!


Our beliefs also go against the concept of Halloween but our church puts on a massive party called Angels & Hero's. It is an absolute blast! The kids still get to dress up & have a fantastic time.


We have always been lucky/unlucky to have Ashlees birthday at this time - so yes, we have done the spooky party theme with dress-ups etc - so yes for fun and parties - no, for the general concept.


Sounds like fun.

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Ive heard of churches doing that. Great idea.

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Too quick for me huh?

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I ditto the above comments. Love the fun and dress-up stuff, can't agree with the concept or the commercialism.


Lucky our kids have grown up so it only came into vogue last few years, so didn't need to get involved plus our little street is quite so don't get bothered about door knockers neither, so actually forgot about it until now reading on your blog. But don't really agree with the concept !!

Sophia Allison

Also not very big on Halloween too...


love your wee sign Trina.......cool wee cat!!
well you have seen my Halloween....(thx for stopping by).....the thing that cost me the most is the food + this year when ppl asked if they could bring anything I said 'yes'......so that cost was lowed. I put on the invite that you don't need to dress spooky. I don't spend alot of money on costumes.....infact I put 3 outfits together from the thrift store all for $13(I got dressed up too....but that photo can wait!!) + Ruby was sorted with clothes she already had home! As I said on my blog its all about getting dressed up + dressing the house up!! Ppl think I'm mad doing all this + having all those kids over......but as you know being a scrapper its not maddness!!!....but I also get lots of positve comments from parents too + they prefer the party rather than door knocking!! We did door knocking a few years ago now.....but as you know living in the country my kids can't go walking around the roads. So I prearranged with about 5 neighbours if its ok to come to their house.....and we are related to 3 of the neighbours!!
One thing I have heard in town is that some ppl get kids coming to their doors + ask for money!! Now thats really wrong!!
I love the idea of the 'Monster Mash' party!! Hope you share the pics of the kids dressed up!

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