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September 22, 2010



Well we managed to have them guessing for a couple of Christmas's - by saying "well if you don't believe then you might not receive" it stopped a bit of talk as they still wanted to 'receive' lol.
Lately thou ... we have had ... you and dad lied to us ... oh really ... yeah you said thing like Santa was real and he wasn't ... oooohhhh deeeaarrr.


My kids are grown up now but when they were little I always told that some presents were from Santa and some from Mom and Dad,Grandpa and Grandma,your God Mom/Dad.
One day my son asked me.Why at the church they ask to bring presents to some poor kids??? Santa doesn`t bring presents for poor kids???
That`s was a question!!!!


Ethan (8) figured it out last year, when he was 7. I think most kids in his class at school knew the "truth", so it was a case of somebody saying something that made him question things ... I think it started with the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. He came and asked me if they were real. I said, "What do you think?" and he said "No". So I told him the truth. I don't agree with outright lying to my kids. I was hoping when I said "What do you think?" that he would say that he still believed! Anyway, once he knew about them, he figured out about Santa ;-)
Tyler (almost 6) is getting pretty sus about Santa, and I'm pretty sure he is erring on the side of not believing. But when he asks me, he is still clinging to it, wanting Santa to be real. So when I say, "What do you think?" he usually says "I think he's real" and that's the end of the conversation! :-)
Ethan knows NOT to spill the beans, or else he won't get any presents from Santa! As long as one still believes, we will do the Santa thing. Once they both stop believing, I guess it will be obselete ... although I will still want to put out milk & cookies, and hang the stockings!!!


Mmmmm, tricky one eh? I don't really remember how the 'truth' came out but I do remember that the older one was very good about letting the younger believe a bit longer. Of course I got the accusing speeches afterwards about Santa and the Tooth Fairy but I countered that with 'it was good while the magic lasted, wasn't it?' Even as adults we do ask each other what do we want Santa to bring us so the 'magic' lingers on!!


Santa was officially outed only a couple of years ago in our house. Loved that not one of them, even though they were teenagers, wanted to be the first to say that there was not Santa. I know they knew otherwise. LOL. It was fun while it lasted.


We never supported the Santa myth in our house - I didn't want someone else getting all the credit for what Glen and I gave!!LOL, besides, it is easier to explain to kids why they might/might not get what they ask for. BUT, I have always told my kids about the 'idea of Santa', the spirit of goodwill and giving that does exist. And about the original Santa, and how it all started, and why we celebrate and give presents - and THAT they can believe in FOREVER.

Lianne Williams

When my kids were 7, 5 and 2 my eldest asked why we put out cookies and a glass of beer for santa. First he said it is suppose to be milk, then he said that he would go to jail for drunk driving and THEN he said "its immaterial anyway since dad drinks the beer and mum eats the cookies" and proceeded to tell his younger siblings for the next several years until they finally believed him. I had absolutely no answer for that one since i didn't expect to get a statement like that out of a 7 year old.


my oldest two belived till they were ten
the younger boys only to about 8


I would ask them what they thought. They always believed and Colin still believed when he was quite old thanks to the NORAD Tracks Santa site. Ross set up a video camera one year and caught "Santa" aka as Mother Christmas in the act


of course, we ALL believe in magic Reindeer!!LOL

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