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September 01, 2010


Louise Williams

ooh great idea!! hmmmm you got me thinking... :)


mmm i have done a few already...without even know it was RAK day!!!
maybe i should even do some more!!! it;s a great feeling knowing they are on their way and the recipient doesnt know!!!


that day sounds goood i have a few friends over seas who i have some small goodies to send, so i willl feel good about getting that done today



Love these RAK's Trina. I love to make a comment
(complimentary, of couse)to a stranger I see in the mall when she looks just lovely. The look of pleasure on her face certainly makes my day!!



I love the feeling your heart has when you do a RAK, sometimes you do not even realise you have made them but you get that warm fuzziness. Love the suggestion, I am going to send a card to my Grandma today to brighten up her day =-)


You know one of the simplest, cheapest and most powerful RAK is to smile at someone on the street and say good morning...you can almost see their spirits lift. However I am off to the craft room to get a card as I know just a person who needs a lift!!!!

Colleen Murray

Isn't it a pity that only one day of the year is set aside for this? It should be something that we incorporate into daily life - as I'm sure many of us do without conscious thought. So ... let's go girls!!


Love doing RAKs. Makes my day. Your RAK sounds great. Dusty Attic too!!!


A RAK day sounds good.

Michelle Whorwood

A RAK day is awesome... I know scrappers send RAKs often but it would be great if the general population got behind it too. It doesn't really take much to make someone elses day...


It's a great idea aye!

Lianne Williams

RAK day - gosh do we actually need a day to do a random act of kindness. But by taking note it is amazing how many things each day i do, so my challenge is to do something i wouldn't normally do, the look of surprise on this man's face today was particularly priceless at the supermarket when I helped him with his groceries, I think he thought i was going to steal them until i asked him where his car was so I could carry them for him. He had put them down to catch is breath.

Raewyn Aldridge

I am so happy for one of my friends who is coming out of a rough patch and getting some much deserved great news for her and her family.

Beverley Cunningham

A RAK day is awesome You reminded me that I want to do a RAK soon when I am less busy so I can organise one - have been in Prima heaven stocking Scottie Crafts shelves with yummy prima stuff - a fair bit will be coming home with me tomorrow after my class!


I heard about that this morning on the radio - so today I bought several bunches of daffodils from a road-side stall(Mitchell said I must have made the sellers day!LOL) and randomly gave them away - in honour of RAK day, and the first day of spring! people did think I was slightly mad I think, but it made them smile!


Nice to hear that RAK days are not just for scrappy people. LOL


I think every day should be RAK day....and I \'m going to start with that tomorrow ;-)


Wow awesome reading the comments some of the wonderful things people did today
You all brightened my day reading them - thanks so much

Annelie Maddock

I heard this on the radio today, and did a RAK on FB too! :) I try to do RAK's everyday though... Like leaving tips for the pizza delivery guy, or buy a packet of busicits for the pre-school teachers. Compliments to strangers is also a lot of fun, because people just don't expect it! RAK's are like Christmas, and I LOVE seeing or hearing how people react when they get them!

Kathryn Fraser

The day is almost over and I just found out about RAK day. I couldn't put hand on heart and say I do that everyday (some days I don't get out!) but I have done one or two in my life. The best bit is seeing the reaction - and when they don't know who it came from. :-)

liz Hicks

There is nothing like receiving or giving a RAK. I think NZ is one of the friendliest , loving place with so many people with big hearts. RAK day should be everyday even if it sharing a smile, hug or compliment!

Lynne H

Gotta agree with Janet on this one...the biggest thing to do is smile...it means so much more than words indeed.
And yes Liz...RAK's should be part of everyone's day. I try hard!

Megan Gourlay

I agree with Liz theres nothing like a RAK to bring a smile to someones face! And whats more thaey can be as inexpensive as a smile!

Sophia Allison

I know you really want to pick me, cause you like me...♥♥♥

What an awesome RAK, looking forward to seeing it!!!


That's such a great initiative! We really should have a RAK day in Holland too:) I just came on your blog via the Prima blog and I totally love your work! Way to go:)


I heard about it on the radio. Funny I had only ever seen it done in scrapbooking circles so had assumed it was a scrapbooking thing. Obviously not. lol

Gwen Kirman

Okay - I always read your blog - not so good at commenting, but every now and then need an incentive to comment. Your thoughts allow me too to reflect upon aspects of life as you go through your journey. Much appreciated.

Julie Clement

What a shame someone somewhere felt a need to have a dedicated day for RAKs. This is something we should all make part of our lives without having to be reminded to do something on a given day. Really enjoying your blog Trina, it's one of only two I "follow" religiously. Wish I could make your Wellington classes....

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