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June 12, 2010



CONGRATS Trina, what fantastic news, I could only imagine your happiness... WOW so well deserved

Sophia Allison

I am so happy for you, well deserved my friend...



Beverley Cunningham

AWESOME WELL DONE TRINA SO COOL and two designers from lil olde NEW ZEALAND GO KIWIS!!

Very well deserved

Michelle Tibble

Congrats Trina. You are so amazing with your work! Go NZ


How AWESOME for you Trina...and totally deserved. Your work is amazing. Well done.

Raewyn Aldridge

such wonderful news and so well deserved Trina!


Trina I am so very very proud of you and knew you would get on...I can remember asking at AE if you were going to enter!


And even better if i left the comment in the right place!
Congrats and what the other message said he he

Corinne L

Just been looking at the prima blog - Well done.


yah for NZers getting in....your challenge now flowergirl is to talk me into USING prima....cos it's all new to me....
(i not a flowery girl....and even if i did- i wouldnt know how to use it!!!)


Absolutely fantastic news for you. Just imagine all those goodies on their way to you! LOL. Congratulations.


I just read the announcement on the Prima blog - so thrilled to see your name on there! HUGE congratulations!!

Tamara M

Now that is FANTASTIC news! You rock the Prima look more than anyone I know! I'm sure you're going to do a great job and look forward to seeing all of your creations :)


That's fantastic news Trina and well deserved. Congratulations. Exciting times ahead - enjoy.


I'm squealing with you girlfriend!!!!! You and Nic are certainly letting the world know that we have two of the most amazing scrapbookers in the world!!!!


awesome, awesome news Trina, so deserved


That's awesome news Trina. Super happy for you!!


congrats on making the Prima team, that is sooo exciting...

Annelie Maddock

Huge congrats Trina, soooo well deserved!


Yay Trina! And maybe you desrve shares in their company too!

Louise Williams

fantastic Trina, you know I think you rock and it's so well deserved. Look forward to seeing all that Prima goodness you do so well :)


Fabulous news .... congrats Trina. :)


Oh well done! Honestly, I wonder it took them so long!

Michelle Lindenmayer

Wow, wow and double wow - you so deserve it Trina - your layouts using prima products (and others too) are always beautiful and inspiring - congratulations!


OMG TRINA!!! That is so amazing!! Am doing a happy dance here for you now!! WTG!!!


Fantastic news. Well done and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.

Beate Sandøy

Congratulations! I'm now a follower to your blog :-)

Janine Koczwara

Congratulations Trina, so well deserved! I have noticed so many of your LO's on galleries of late before realising they were yours. your work is beautiful and I cant wait to work alongside you with Prima.

Jamie Dougherty

Congrats!! Your work is gorgeous!! I can't wait to get to know you more :) Jamie

Tanya Tahir

HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats to you Trina!!! I was sooo sooo happy when I saw your name on the list! You so deserve this! Your work is amazing, how could they not accept you on the team!? I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!


Way to go
That is so AWESOME and so deserved

Stacy Cohen

LOL!!! I enjoyed reading your story of getting the news. I've dreamed about this for three years too. :) CONGRATS . . . so well deserved . . . your work is stunning! I'm looking forward to working with you!!

Carol Argyle

Way to go Trina:-). You jump up and down and squeal as much as you like cause you deserve to. Huge Congrats....


oh WOW........thats is soooooooooo cool Trina. I'm so happy for you + well deserved!! Your work is always beautiful!!
huge congrats!!
I'm sure your face is aching from all that smiling by now!!

Beck C

Well done you - very much deserved - you have been an 'off-the-record ambassador' for them for a long time already!!! Finaly you get some recognition for all that free advertising!!! Sending Hugs from Timmers. :D


Congratulations Trina! Love your work, they're absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to get to know you better! :)

Megan Renfree

Just heard about the news Trina and wanted to pop over and say congrats! You sure do rock that Prima!! And congrats too on your weight loss, what an amazing adventure you are on at the moment, this must truly be your year!! Enjoy it all!!!


Just read your fantastic news!
Huge congrats Trina, you rock Prima and i look forward to seeing your creations now you are a Flower Girl...woo hoo!!!

Melleny Ams

Yay for you. Well done girly!!!! I am so happy for you :)

Erica Lasham

I'm a bit late with my Congratulations!!, as I have only just seen this post.
Awesome Trina, well done. I can just see you now jumping up and down screaming. lol

WTG you & I look forward to seeing more of your work as a 'flower girl' :-)

Mrs Frizz

Oh wow ... go you ... huge con-grat-u-la-tions!!!!!

Awesome news!!!! well done!!!

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