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June 15, 2010



Apparently giving them dog roll also encourages them to lay.

rachel tucker

hey Trina we thought ours were not laying a little while ago. Turns out they had found somewhere else to lay their eggs !!


wowsa that is scary....poor chickens.....
lol about the courier guy!!!!


Hey Trina...
As the sunlight hours decrease i.e. heading towards the shortest day of the year the light doesn't hit their retina which they need to produce eggs. You will find that they start laying again when they get more sunshine hours. You can give them light artificially with a lamp on a timer (ours went on at 5am and off at 8am) in their roosting box - we did this for the last two winters but decided to give them an egg laying holiday this winter.


LOL, I thought you were going to say that the neighbour had been stealing all the eggs!! Hope you can figure out a new set up so that the cat stops scaring them and you get more eggs!


what a pain that cat is!!
our cat just walks besides our chooks.......they even steal his dinner when he's trying to eat it outside!!
fingers crossed the cat can be sorted.......have you googled ideas for how to scare cats away from chook houses??
all of sudden I'm having visions from Fantastic Mr Fox!!......lol
I too thought the neighbour might taking all the eggs!!


You learn something every day!! Never had a cat terrorise the chooks!! The chooks terrorised our new dog many years ago though!! He arrived and wherever he went there was a cat spitting at him so he hiked off down another path and the chooks go to him!! Poor dog couldn't cope with either ever again. Just as well he could boss the cows and the sheep, otherwise...............

liz Hicks

LOl you have confirmed that we will not be having chooks for this years Calf Club pet!!! Think we are going to do lambs this yr! will let ya know how it goes! have to ask, how was the cake? So hope it tasted OK and didn't cause your family sickness.... I shudder at the thought!

Please let me know if it was or wasn't good! I hate the not knowing. Planning on another for my family birthday lunch; mine, DH and bruv in law all celebrating so deserves a treat! xxLOL

Lyn Dwyer

I love reading your posts Trina....you have such a great way with words.......I loved reading about the chooks......and the neighbour....

Chooks do go off the lay during the WINTER months but having the cat terrorise them wouldn't help either.....

Our chooks are let out during the day and they aren't effected by our cat.....

I laughed when i read about how you and the kids retrieved the chooks.....LOL!

I had a PET SHOW one year when i was teaching Infants.......and one of the Preps chooks got out of it's cage....(with a little help I might add....LOL!)anyway.....we had to try and catch it again before the Judging......LOL!
So one of the mum's gets this brilliant idea to rustle a $20 note that she had in her purse....and blimey teddy if the chook didn't come to her.....amazing but it's true......so you learn something new everyday huh?



I love the chook story Trina! I never know what I'm going to get when I visit your blog! I've just seen your Dad card on the Prima blog and it's fantastic to see your name up there. Congrats! Sonia x

liz Hicks

Hanging out to hear cake verdict Trina. I am wondering whether to do the mud cake or just stick to the old trusted recipe. PLLEEEEAASSSE send me an honest reply
Ta xxxxx

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