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March 18, 2010


Jenny Burns

I think about this sometimes, and what music I want played etc... My hubby thinks im morbid but I just want him to know what I want lol!
I would not only hope people had nice things to say about me and great memories BUT I wouldnt want anyone to forget how much I loved them - ALWAYS - from my parents (god willing they never have to bury me - out of order) and my brother and families to my beautiful kids and much adored friends. I would want them to be warm in the fact that they touched MY life and even though I am not there physically that the love carries on....
Hope you have a great rest and your photos are gorgous !
J xxx


Love. Yes the human heart is an amazing thing. Just wait till you get grandchildren though !! That is even more amazing. It means that your kids are experiencing what you experienced only you now have a double dose of love to give. I would give up a lot of things but not my kids and the next generation.


yeah I have wondered about that Trina!

Cute about the kids walking into school on their own - shame they have to grow up and become independent sometimes!


glad the funeral went well......
as for this growing up to fast...once they start with these mini goals they will be away... you have done well Mama..... now they fly!!!

Sophia Allison

Aah, love those pics of you and Matt...

Yip, they sure grow big far too fast, walking together alone is a big things for them, sweet...


A funeral is so important Trina. When Barry died we left the funeral for a week so the kids could all get home and be a part of it and it was the most beautiful thing ...it was a celebration of his life and when I watched the kids, difficult though it was for them, read the Eulogy they had written I knew Barry died at peace knowing we had the strength to carry on and it even gave me the strength to sing Amazing Grace.....with the help of the doctor I might tell you. I felt so proud of my kids but I knew we had done as much as we could to give them the wings and it was up to them to fly. So as well as being incredibly sad I felt incredibly satisfied that our job was done....now it was my turn , and Barry's because I know he is looking down on us...to sit back and enjoy and enjoy we did when the grandkids came, and as I watch the cycle continuing I feel so proud.I believe all of that stopped me from going through the angry stage because I dwelt on how lucky I was to have had 30 wonderful years with Barry ...some people do not get that and I also knew our kids also had a wonderful start in life.Many kids today also never experience that.I still have very sad times but whenever I do I stop myself and think of some happy times. Thank you for reminding me. I know I will have a good day today.
It warms my heart to see all you wonderful scrapbooking girls with your children ...it gives me hope for the future of this wonderful world we live in.


Love the photos of you and Dan. I really don't have many of those spontaneous type loving pics with my husband or kids...I dread having to bury anybody I am really close to, and find the words that are just right. I have no idea what people will say about me when I'm gone; I guess I'm hoping for 'a long and happy life' and 'loved'.


Love that pic of you and Matt - especially that first one!

Going way off track from your question I have to agree with Janet's comment about the eulogy her children presented for their Dad. I am sure after having done a similar thing for my Dad, that having to think about what you want to say and then having to get it on paper so you can say it during a hugely emotional is and was for me a major step in the grieving process and helped me move on more quickly. Not forgetting but dealing with things and getting on with life.

Big hugs chick and I am glad that attending Kirsty's funeral has encouraged you to take action in getting those ever so important pics.


That was a really nice read!

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