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May 24, 2009



I think my big revelation about turning 40 was that I don't feel anything like what I thought 40 would be ... and I am enjoying my life and being me heaps more ... the best IS yet to come!

Jenny E

And age is just a number ... like size. It's how you FEEL that really counts


Yep, you're only as old as you feel!! I hope I feel as young as I do now when I hit 40 (in 9 years). Fingers crossed ;-)


Somebody said 40 was being 20 years old with 20 years experience and I like that analogy.

I think as the kids get older there will be new opportunities to involve them in things we have done in the past that have been shelved during their toddler years.

Kim Archer

Welcome (almost) to the Big 4-0 club. I was exactly like you..I was thinking about it more than i wanted to!!! And I love Penny's analogy of 40 being 20 years old with 20 years experience! Love it.

Embrace the new chapter Trina..and THANK YOU for your positive help with your handy flying tips...you were my life saver. Lovely to meet you again at the retreat the other week:)


love the idea of doing something good each day - even saying "I love you". It's the little things :-)

Mrs Frizz

Age is but a number Trina - honestly!!!

Mary Bennetts

Last Year I turned the Big 50! I was in Europe on the Rhine River and I cried all day! I kept saying I am happy, but just couldnt stop crying. Being 50 has REALLY made me realize how quickly life and can pass us by.
And just like the show Packed to the Rafters, we have gone from no kids at home to My mum living with us atm & 2 of our grown children moving back home. Seems sometimes that when life was supposed to be getting easier (and it was for awhile) you just get busier!
I dont like getting old, but I like what you said about doing something worthwile each day.



Ive got the 30 this year and it was freaking me out but then I look at what I have in my life, where i am and what Ive accomplished and I feel pretty good about myself. And remember all that stuff about age is just sold to us by a media who want us to by their oil of olay ;)

Lyn Dwyer

Hi Trina......

You are only a spring chicken girl.....LOL!

I have 16 years on you ....yep....turned 56 in March this year.

You are only as old as you feel.....40 is just a number.....try not and dwell on it too much but embrace this year as the year of entering a new decade or chapter of your Life's Journey!

This chapter shall be filled with many new challenges and achievements and as your kids are growing....you will also continue to grow with them.....

Keep doing things together as a family but also try and do something for yourself....to ensure that you are in a happy place whilst your kids are going through their schooling.

I can relate to Mary with the older kids back home......yep...we still have Mike and Tim here and they are in their 20's.....


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