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April 30, 2009



Sods at the speedway allright. And yep, sorry Trina but they don't stop yakking for a while, make the most of it, as later on all you'll get is the odd grunt!!!


You are not looking old, you look fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend!


A new car ... very cool!! ummmmm, don't know about 5yr old boys ... but, Ashlee does the whole non-stop catter, talking and singing to herself etc thing ... unfortunately, she is now nearly 16, and showing no signs of ever growing out of it ... so, my conclusion - it lasts FOREVER ... don't expect any peace soon!!!LOL

Mrs Frizz

Well I had one of each and neither stopped chattering for long ... one at 20 still doesn't shut up and DS at 14, yells at his xbox and whoever he is playing against and does nothing but grunt at me ... I'm thinking its going to get worse before it gets better!!!

Have fun at this weekend ...

P.S. that photo of you ... you so DO NOT look old!

Michelle W

yep can relate my 5 year old yabbers at me all day long. Unfortunately, I think takes after me as I am pretty good at the talking thing!! I once lost my voice from talking to much on a road trip from Hamilton to Auckland. My grandparents said I didn't stop chatting the whole way. Its always a story I remember.

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