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February 04, 2009



I know how you feel Trina but mine are all at school - this morning it is the first day of High School for my eldest and I have to admit to weepy eyes.
Good luck for your day and for theirs as well.


you did it + they did it!! :)
they will be filled with lots of exciting things to share with you this arvo.
they look super sweet in their uniforms!

Debbie - NZ

I am so proud of all of you! Only 3 1/2 hours until you can hear all about their day.


Hooray, you did it!! And they did so well! I bet they are having the best time at school. They really do look so cute in their uniforms. Had to laugh at the shoe comment ... we are supposed to have certain coloured shoes/sandals too but Ethan takes his off the second he gets to school (even in winter!) so I don't bother, LOL.


Awww...I have tears welling *sniff sniff*

Toby was fine when he started school but I nearly cried. I'm sure I will when Kade starts. That year will also be Toby's last year of school, so another reason to be teary.

I'm sure they'll have a fantastic day !

Carol Argyle

What a big day in your house Trina. Its been a long time since my eldest started school (hes 28 lol) but I remember the feelings of excitment, sadness apprehension etc only too well. Your little guys looked so cute all ready to go. They'll have heaps to share with you later on. Enjoy your day.


How exciting. I hope they have a wonderful day.


They are just toooo cute!! Such exciting for you all.


They look so cute in their uniforms ... Jessi starts Monday will take note from you and wear my sunglasses to hide the tears!

Chris M

What a big day for Sarah and Matt and for Mum, Dad and Dan too!!! Hope they had a wonderful day! Hope it's not too quiet at home for you.

Donna M

Oh wow, don't they look so grown up? Hope you're lasting ok? It's a big day for all & expect them to be tired & maybe 'emotional' tonight - it's so darn hot for them at school. Anna was pretty exhausted last night.
BTW, the mum butterflies still exist when they start Intermediate!! LOL


They are so cute in their uniforms and well done them going straight to the mat so grown up
Yip know how Sarah feels I'm very much like that as well and my daughter even more so - even though I'm like that it is hard seeing them going though life the same way
hugs to you all


Yay! They look so cute in their uniforms.


I bet you have wondered all day what they were doing. Its a lovely small group to start with and love the comment about Sarah just doing and not waiting. Hope they have a great first day.


great I am glad YOU were brave... the classroon looks so cool... cant wait to hear how it went

Mrs Frizz

Too cute ... and by the looks of them all sitting on the mat ... a small class. Lots of one-on-one ... has to be good for them.

I'm sure that they will have been full of themselves when you picked them up from school - brimming with news and just spilling it all out.

Long may it continue ... a great adventure!

Beck C

I have just gone through the same thing this week with Jacob - he started school on Monday - it's a big change for them huh? (and for us too!). They look adorable in the obligatory 'first day of school' photo - I must post my photos on my blog tonight! Hugs, Becks


What a big day for all of you - can't wait to hear that they had a fantastic time. They look awesome in their uniforms too. Woohoo!!

Kelly Muir

Congrats on being a SCHOOL MUM!!!!! I too will be sending my twins off to school this year (my babies) but thankfully not till the start of August.
Kelly Muir

Jenny E

They look very cute. I bet it was harder for you than them but they will have a wonderful school life

Erica J

How cute do they both look? WOW what a milestone, I sure do hope that they are still enjoying school and having a wonderful time together. How are you going at home without them? I bet you really miss them both - they are such cuties!
Cheers Erica

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