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February 11, 2009


Jenny E

Lol at the cute things they say. hen ours called us by the wrong gender title, we'd say no, I'm the mom/dad today


Too cute. And on the fires, everytime I see it tears well up. Have you seen the herald? I had tears in my eyes at the photo on the front...Hell on Earth.


Great post Trina. Ahhh the Mummy guilt ... please don't beat yourself up ok; you were doing your best! ... cute words from your kids Daddy!!LOL ... and GOBSMACKED is the perfect word to describe my feelings re. the Ozzie situation! Just heard on the news that Arsonists had started two new fires overnite ...WHAT!!?? ... heartless murderers!


Don't feel bad my mum did the same thing with my brother when he was little he was stung on one foot in the dining room which she could see but couldn't see the wasp so left it thinking it was gone. That night going to the table he was stung again all because we had classy 70's carpet with yellow green and black swirls so she couldn't see it she felt really bad too especially cause Craig hobbled around for a week or so. You can't think of everything though and you are now aware for next time - and so is he.


Don't feel bad, it can be hard to tell if a small child has been stung as they can't explain it easily. An older child can't always explain it, either ... Ethan was about 3 or 4 when he got his first bee sting, and he got it when he was digging in the sand while making a sandcastle (yep, the bee was UNDER the sand!) and I remember we didn't know what it was at first because he was just crying and saying "OW!" ... then we looked and saw the dead bee in the sand. Sorry, long story! But just goes to show you can't always know straight away.

I'm glad Sarah is LIKING school now! LOL :-)


I hope your little man is doing okay...I have received two black ant bites in as many weeks and the latest is on my left wrist...and to say it is a little sore would be an understatement...I look like I have a growth coming out of my wrist...it is so swollen...
Those little sayings are too cute...
I spend my days waiting for the school to tell me to come and pick up my daughter...not because she cries...but because she is stubborn and will not do what is expected of her...the teacher assured me today she is getting better...
Anyway...off to sort out dinner!!!

Raewyn A

I know exactly how Dan is feeling poor wee man, cos I got stung by two wasps today (on the lower leg) whilst I was attempting to remove their nest. The site still stings more than 5 hours later! I remember my Dad always told me - Vinegar for a Vasp (the two V's were my way of remembering the treatment). It may pay to have some medication on hand in case he is stung again (keeping the family history in mind).
Hugs for Dan.


I cannot believe that some twit is still lighting fires in Aus!!!!! Did you notice the photo of the church that had been burned but the wall with the cross on it was still standing. That's got to mean something.


My Mr 7 got stung at the neighbours just the other week. Vinegar is a great solution. He is definitely our little (big!!) drama boy, so I was mightily impressed with how he seemed to take it in his stride. Fingers crossed you won't find out any time soon in regards teh the possible allergy

Debbie Buckland

oh poor little mite. glad hes ok though. YOU are not a bad mummy you know. I probably would do the same thing.

love your cute little quotes.

Floods in Aussy too? Golly all I've heard is the fires! My goodness. They are having a hard time of it. I'm praying for everyone involved.


Hi Trina,
Yes the fires are BAD. I have friends who have lost their houses, and members of their families. And the fires are still going. Everywhere you go, people are walking around in shock. The areas on fire are so close to Melbourne city that it is still rural without being hours away.
Still today the smoke is in the air at my house.
as of this morning 181 people have lost their lives, with over 1050 homes destroyed.


Poor Dan :) Sneaky wasp hiding! It's hard sometimes to know what is wrong with the little ones when they can't explain what went wrong.

Yes, the fire etc are heart breaking and I want to bawl at the loss.

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