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January 15, 2009


Debbie - NZ

I agree - the world is such a depressing place out there at the moment...I tend to do lots of baking and when neigbours and friends least expect it drop some around!


one thing that makes me nervous about the proliferation of groups etc on social networking sites is this tendency to identify with other people who have the same ideals and values as yourself... I think there is a real risk that intolerance will develop as a result of it.


Hi Trina… I wanted to let you know that I have chosen you for a “lovely blog award”. If you want to play along, check out my blog to copy & save the award then…1) Add the logo to your blog. 2) Link the logo back to my blog. 3) Nominate 7 (or more) blogs that you think are lovely 4) Leave a message on their blog letting them know that they are “one lovely blog”

If these types of things drive you kooky please know that I will in no way be offended if you choose not to play along. I love them & think they are a fun way to get to know people…but I know some people hate this kind of stuff. I do enjoy your blog a lot though and am glad to let you know that.

And thanks...this was such a nice post. My Mom made a wonderful new years resolution this year....she wants to do something nice for at least 3 people every day...even if its just a kind word.


already blogged about this the other day... click on my blog and look back a day or two for a post on what I do to pay it forward...


Bless you, Trina!


ooooh another of my favourite movies ... Pay It Forward ... I'm gonna give this one some thought ... yes, there have been some crazy things happening in the world of late; and I am a strong believer that it is the small gestures that can often make the biggest difference ...


Hey Trina - well I am proud to say that my son and I made a young mother and her mothers day a little easier today.
We headed to scitech after my appointment at the hospital and we saw an elderly lady in front of us trying to get a pram up a step whilst her daughter was in front carrying her child. So I helped the lady much to the embarrassment of the young lady in front who hadn't realised her mother was stuck. And to top it off there were two flights of steps in front of us so I offered for my son and I to carry the pram up for her. And much to my horror the poor grandma had problems just getting herself up the stairs. I received a heartfelt thankyou from the young lady and a smile from the grandma - which in turn made my day. Connor was very proud of himself and it made an awesome start to our day :)
Thanks for listening.
Maursie xoxo

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