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January 12, 2009



Oh my...they were busy little souls weren't they! So did Sarah draw the girl (with her big eyelashes)? And Matt the boy in the middle with the knees? Have you got De-solv-it? That should remove the art off the wall if you don't have another concotion that you use. The snowmen look yum.


I watched Diary of Anne Frank too. wow. what a wonderful movie. I never read the book but was touched by it. I almost cryed when i read up what happened to everyone afterwards at the end of the movie.

The "art" is cool. Shame it was on the windows and walls. I would have freaked! We are renting in an old place so would have to re-wallpaper the whole room. No money to do that! the worst the kids have done is draw in walls/carpet and furniture with chalk. The only medium they can use without my supervision. ;) Easily wiped off anything.


wow those pictures are stunning.... pity they are on the walls and windows...mmm ready for school.. needing to be challenged and stretched alright... as for the swim in the pool... that will help keep them busy and out of mischief.. hang in there Mummy summer is a long holiday break!!!!


yeah I watched that on Sunday night too, although seen it before, read the book when I was a teenager and when I was in Amsterdam I went and saw the annexe and its very small! Amazing what people would do for others.

Hany in there with the kids, its a stage that will pass.


Snowmen so cute! Wanna rush off and make some!! Art work very good. Pity it has to be removed!!
Saw the Anne Frank movie before and been to Amsterdam to see their annexe. I agree, it is terrible that people are still doing the racist thing. Perhaps we notice it more here in NZ where we are such a mixture.

Jenny E

I'm a bit over my children too but they only go back on 2nd February! I'm tired of the large-boy-pushing-and-shoving that goes on!

Chris M

Oh dear about the paintings on the wall Donna!!! They are quite big aren't they?!LOL Love the lolly snowmen!! Have a wonderful week!

Kellie L

I watched the Lakehouse too. Still trying to figure out the end?? I can't see how they managed to meet up...but it's just a movie!!


The Lake House is such a nice movie ... one of Ashlee and my favs ... watched The Diary of Ann Frank movie, but found it a little disappointing, as Ashlee had bought home a much superior version that she was required to watch for English last year - it started showing their life before going into hiding, their preparations to go into hiding, their time there, and then the time spent in concentration camps and the father coming home alone at the end ... it was soooo much more 'personal' and tragic(and no American accents! or Nazis speaking english!!) ... Ashlee was almost overcome with sorrow when it finished - it was sooo good, we now own a copy!

Mary Bennetts

OMG what time do you get up in the morning to fit sooooooo much in a morning let alone the day!



aaaargh! we just had a wall drawing incident too... not quite as artistic tho' but Lydia is only 2 after all.. ;)


Loving your snowmen, they look yum !

You know, I wouldn't clean that drawing off the wall...I'd leave it there just because it makes me smile. At the very least, take a good pic of it and have it printed onto a canvas (or give the kids big canvases to paint/draw onto and then hang them on the wall).


Kids!! Hope it wasn't too big a job to clean off their artwork. Have just watched The Lake House which I had recorded - bit disappointed with it. BTW, take a peek at my blog. I left you a little something there...

Erica J

OH MY!!! I have to say though Trina they look quite good, I think that you have some budding artists in your midst! Love the marshmallow snowmen!
Cheers Erica
PS Two of my favourite movies are The Diary of Anne Frank and The Lake House

Debbie - NZ

I am kicking myself as I really really wanted to watch it and forgot to set it on My Sky....I must get the book to re read again...

OMG you're little artists really have been busy! I told Richard and he said at least the on the window it would come off easy...how did the wall go?

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