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November 20, 2008



From scrapping I now have friends all round the world that I would never have made. Most of them are online and its great to actually meet up with someone too. I do lots of computer stuff that I would never have believed that I could ever learn to do. Its all good and love every minute of it. My husband told me this morning I was obsessed! LOL.

Long may it continue with Dan as well.


oooh - that last picture - so cute! Lydia has of late been getting into Tim's bed too. Trouble is she is too bouncy (like Tigger) and neither of them go to sleep, they just play! LOL!


Hey Trina,

I am naturally a very shy person and find it very hard to make new friends but I am truly blessed to have made so many wonderful freind through the amazing world of scrapbooking. I admit I probably spend way too much time feeding my addiction lol!!!
What a good boy Dan is sleeping in a big bed, he looks very happy tucked up in his Thomas duvet.
Take care


I find scrapping a fantastic creative thing ... it gives me the chance to 'play' with all sorts of lovely papers and other 'stuff' ... and more recently it has led me to new internet friends.


Love the last picture of your kids playing with their stuffed animals...so cute.

For me scrapbooking has really made me appreciate life so much more and has helped me notice & enjoy the simple things that we sometimes take for granted.

Rachel Forrester - New Zealand

I have always been a card maker and i think it is just a natural progression! But I to have made some awesome friends and we all share with each other - most crafty people are really nice people.
Thanks so much for the opportunity.


I enjoy being able to 'play'.... when I get the chance with a 14 month old. I recently became a SAHM and I have discovered a whole new world out there. Plus scrapping gives me a good excuse to look at all those pics!


Scrapbooking is such a great hobby for it's ability to draw all kinds of people together and make friends. I have sooooo many new friends because I started scrapping and creating and spending time online - it's amazing to think a hobby can do that.


Dan looks so cute!
A very good reason to celebrate as well.

Scrapbooking is more than just a hobby...
It's fantastic that women can get together over the love (or obsession) of a craft that lets you be artistic and at the same time forge friendships that may last a lifetime.

And hey....
It's cheaper than therapy.
...ok, maybe not!


well i think for me it has also been the friendships.... people will go all over town for you just to find that stamp or paper.... cards of encouragement here and there..... specials chats and shout outs on blogs and through forums... friendship/advice/support and most of all inspiration...... love it all!!!!


There are some amazing woman that I would have never had the opportunity to meet had it not been for scrapbooking. I love that I'm leaving a legacy for those who follow me and I love that it gives me some time out. I would never have believed that paper would have changed my world.


Great night with Dan - how clever was he
Scrapping for me is my social life really - a whole new world has opened up
My husband says all you think about is scrapping - I can't agrue with that it's true - lol


Hi Trina
Scrapping is so much fun and my family support me wholeheartedly as they love it that I am preserving memories for all of us.
I am truly lucky.


YAY Dan - clever boy!!!!!
Scrapping has opened doors I would have never even seen before.
It totally amazes me how great the friendships are that are formed with total strangers through a computer screen and I think it brings out the best in everyone.
Long live scrapping!!!!!
Maursie xoxo


The biggest change for me was my blog - I'm not a computer savvy person, so I really dragged my feet for a long time. Then one day I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and do something new. I am proud to say I managed to set up my blog all by myself! It may not be a big feat for some, but anyone that knows me will tell you that it's a BIG deal for me :o)

Christine C

Well in truth I am a rather shy person, but scrapping has allowed me to meet a whole range of people I otherwise would not have meet and through sharing ideas, layouts etc I have made a lot of new friends, it is a kind of icebreaker. I have also meet a lot of friends online through chat rooms and messageboards through the common interest of scrapping.
I love it and it appears so do many other ladies out there - and a few blokes too :)

Lyn Dwyer

What a great RAK Trina.....don't put me in it....LOL! Sheez I'll be up for divorce if I bring any more scrap stuff home....ROTFL!

Just wanted to say that Scrapbooking saved my life.......literally.

After a major life threatening illness Scrapbooking became my therapy to a whole new way of life....and the rest is history.....you know the saying...one door closes and another door opens...

I have made so many wonderful friends through my on-line Blogging and forums..involvement at Shows around Australia...and then along came....FISKARS.

What an amazing journey I have had the past few years.....and to work alongside yourself as the Aussie Fiskars Craft Lead has been an absolute pleasure!

I love checking in to see how your kids are growing up and what stages they are up to....it makes me feel so old as I see you with young children.....just wish my boys would hurry up and tell me that I'm going to be a Nana......a girl can wish right??..LOL!


What an excellent RAK Trina.
Well for me scrapbooking has opened my eyes to creating family memories, to making and meeting new friends and it is also now something that my youngest daughter enjoys doing so we can scrap together


Hey, is Dan over his temp?? I had a temp awhile back and ended up with the cough from hell - nothing else, just a cough. Fingers crossed it is not that!!!

Showing my "not savvy with scrapping terms" - what is a RAK??

Have a great week!!


Hi Trina

My name is Sandy and I am 29 years of age. I have suffered from depression since the age of 16 and as a result I had become a bit of a mouse. With the passing of my mother at the age of 52 from Multiple Sclerosis two years ago life seemed hard. For me, scrapbooking and card making is an escape but everything I do I believe is not good enough. I am a bit of a perfectionist! My sister had a baby recently and I want my nephew to know who his grandmother was.
I have met a lot of friends through scrapbooking and looking at the Fiskars site gives me so many ideas but where I live we are limited in scrapbooking supplies.
Thank you for the opportunity to look at your wonderful site and open my eyes to even more scrapbooking ideas.

Best wishes



When a group of friends (some who weren't even known before a workshop/class but are friends by the end of it!)get together to scrap it is always loads of fun - topics discussed are varied, there are lots and lots of laughs and always one comes away feeling re-energised, motivated and so very happy to be alive! That's why I scrap. Well..apart from the awesome albums I've made for my kids, the mini-albums as gifts for people I love, the unending pleasure that friends and family feel when they open a handcrafted card, etc, etc.

Annelie Maddock

What a generous RAK Trina!!

For me, scrapbooking started when I got pregnant in 2006. I have always done music in some way, but when I got pregnant, i jsut didn't feel like it anymore. Scrapbooking came as a saviour, I needed another creative outlet, and that was it! Now, 2 1/2 years later, it's all that and more. All the people you meet online, and IRL in this hobby who become your friends, all the encouragement you get from those same people is just outstanding. It's also a wonderful way to keep my family overseas up to date with what we're doing overe her, sending them mini-albums and stuff. Sure, it's emptying my pockets, but who cares about that in 100 years!!!

Beverley Cunningham

Hi Trina
Awesome RAK Trina and great that Dan has taken to his big bed.
Scrapbooking is also my outlet when the kids get to much and I have met some great people including you once at a fiskars demonstration page at NZ Scrapbook - there was a lot of hole punching noise there with the fiskars hole punch that night. I wonder sometimes what would I be doing if I had not started this amazing hobby (my credit card would probably be happier)and now that I'm hopefully inspiring others and getting more confident (I'm a shy one too) its all good especially when I am making albums for the kids to enjoy now and in the future - have a great week

Jenny E

I used to knit intricate patterned jerseys for my children but then they didn't want to wear handmade anymore. Scrapbooking is a great alternative and I don't have hundreds of photos in cardboard boxes anymore. Oh yes and I've met some wonderful people because of scrapping too.

When my boys were little they slept sideways in a double bed - it was so cute!

Lee Mills

Your comments are so true, I luv the 'me time' but I think most of all I love the creative outlet it gives me, my blog enables me to make contact with likeminded people and share and I have been lucky enough also to meet some amazing people, we scrapbookers are truly lucky people!!

Thanks you for your "RAK" kindness - Merry Christmas to you and yours x

Kelly Muir

What a great RAK, and loving the photo in the bed!!!
I personally havent brought a srapping mag in about 2 months as I have recently started reading everyones Blogs and I am so blown away by all the talent out there and the inspiration I have been getting is amazing!
I am so inspired I have even started my own blog!
Thanks for the wonderful chance, (hmmmmm might have to have a wee sort through and may even to a RAK myself, Love paying it forward!


That pic of your 3 is too cute!

My dearest friends are scrapbookers, it has transformed my life, my home, my leisure time and the legacy I will leave my boys.


What has scrapping given to me...An outlet for my emotions to be expressed in..and the opportunity to "meet" some incredible woman online and IRL!!


The most exciting thing about scrapping for me is that it's brought my creative side back out after a long absence and open my eyes to photography and improved my skills in that department! :D

Tara Capewell

What a lovely gesture Trina. As everyone else on the coment section i would love to win!


What a great RAK - thanks for the chance!!!

I couldn't imagine not scrapping! It has become such an important (& expensive) part of my life! I have met so many wonderful friends through this fabulous hobby and I have beautiful books to look back and recall memories!!

Lyn S

I have always been more of a card-maker than a scrapper, but I think that may change now that I have a beautiful grand-daughter! I'm a quiet person who doesn't make friends easily, so the internet has opened up a whole new world of crafty friends that I would never have known before.

Thanks for your generous offer of your fabulous RAK!

Louise B

Scrapbooking has become more than just "time-out for mummy"- it's become really important that I preserve as many of our family's memories as possible. Thanks for your RAK- scrapbookers truly are special people!

Mrs Frizz

I enjoy being creative ... I truly believe that it is my stress relief outlet - if that makes sense.

I've met some truly amazing friends through scrapbooking and for that I will be for ever grateful. There still remain so many on-line [imaginary friends - perhaps - lol], that one day I hope to have the opportunity to meet.

To the many on-line scrapping friends that I have had the pleasure to meet in real life ... it's been a pleasure.


Scrapbooking is my time to myself, it is great to have a creative outlet that gives me something more that just time to myself and the kids loves seeing the results.

Very generous RAK.

Love the pics of three in the bed.


Scrapbooking had saved my life, when I went through a very difficult time, it got me to think of something else, and helpe dme to make alot of new friends.
I will always scrapbook, it has became part of my life.
Have a great day


What a generous RAK. I too fall into the shy category. Through online forums / blogs etc have been able to get new ideas and try things


Thanks for the chance. I love your blog but usually I just stalk it:)


so much to love about scrapping--so lucky to have an amazing friend who introduced me to this wonderful hobby.

Carol Argyle

Hi Trina,
How cute your kiddos look together in bed. Brings back lots of memories from days gone by. I'm also a reasonably shy person but when you have something in common with others it makes it so much easier to chat and get to know people. I'd never have made comments on computers to people I'd never met but I feel I know you and others so well through our common interest.Long may it last.


Wow what a generous RAK. I love that scrapbooking gives me a bit of an escape and 'me' time. I don't spend as much time as I'd like but when I get to, it seems to revive me. Love the people I've met through it aswell!

Jane Hambly

Hi there Trina ,
Scrapbooking opend up a whole new world ,it aloud me to express myself creativly(this coming from a hairdresser)lol.
I have met and conversed with the lovliest bunch of like minded people.It has enriched my life and I LOOK AT THE WORLD DIFFERENTLY.
It has enabled me to grow and have time to myself I truely love it....
ps your strawberries look very yummy I can imagine them in a bowl with a little icecream and a wedge of my mother inlaws divine shortbread..heaven


I started scrapping after a 2003 auto accident left me unable to work again. I needed to find something that I could do, that would keep my mind occupied and keep me from getting depressed. Who would have guessed that I'd make new friends and become so addicted.

I miss those days when DS was little. He's now almost 23 so I have years of scrapping to catch up on. lol Thanks for the chance to win.

Karen L.

Thanks for giving us a chance to win all those goodies!Great topic as well.
Although I have been a crafter for most of my adult years, I came down with an autoimmune disease about 6 years ago and have had to quit working and spend most of my time at home. Weeks go by when I cannot leave the house but my scrapbooking and stamping are always there to inspire me. In addition to the joy I get from creating with paper, I have met many online friends through my scrapbooking and never feel lonely because of this. A creative outlet, new friends, and a way to document my memories and history....what more could I ask for!
Karen from California

Kerri fiskateer #1017

whoooo for big beds & big boy Dan !! yay ! i think scrapbooking & card making * just a renewed addiction * , has changed my life to realize that everyone has a creative vein somewhere in their body & takes a little motivation to find it. i've loved the opportunies to post new ideas i've tried & getting loving, honest opinions from strangers. totally gives me warm fuzzies. the love of giving away things to complete strangers, melts my heart & awesome rak trina & good luck to all :)would love to pay it forward on some of those goodies to some awesome people here too :)send my kisses (and big cuddles) to the clear stamps in that pack, they look devine !


wow love your blog site and i love your giveaway to i love crafts thank you so much darla

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