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November 02, 2008



The stuff they use is so up to date and painless that you'll be a box a birds. And on the kids let me leave you with this thought...if they've never been the dentist, don't tell them it's not going to hurt - that thought had never entered their head, they have no prior experience to call on so they hadn't even considered it.


It must be the time for dental work! I myself made my way to the dentist for the first time in ... wait for it ... more than 10yrs! like you my previous dentist had retired.
Also I needed fillings, a wisdom tooth pulled and a tooth reconstructed because a hunk of it fell off just before my visit! I think we might be dental twins!!good luck...and yes to reinforce what Trace said ... it was much better and quicker than what I thought...

wendy steward

hiya Trina, I have just visited your blog after a little while and have to say WOW. I have loved reading all about your China adventures. Totally amazing and thank you for sharing it all with us. I love adventure travel as you know and you have certainly made me want to add China to the list.
sorry to hear you have to go to the dentist, its my least fav thing to do, good luck.
please give andy and the kids all my love and take care and hope our adventures land us in the same city real soon. big hugs wend xxxx


I hope it all goes well for you and your fears are for nothing. I also hope the new dentist is a kind and caring one that you like!

It must be the time for broken teeth. Last night while eating dinner I heard something clink on my plate and sure enough it was a piece of tooth. I had no idea the tooth was weak or anything was wrong with it, but now I have about 1/5 of my tooth missing. It sounds like I better be off to the dentist soon as well ...

Jenny E

I understand. I haven't been to a dentist for at least five years and if they tell me to make an appointment to go back I just don't


I HATE THE DENTIST!!! To the point that when I go to a new one, which is every time we move, I make a point of telling the dentist that I hate them but it is nothing personal!!

The last one laughed at me and said "Thanks for being honest" then proceeded to cause the least amount of discomfort ever!!!


Good luck, Trina. I don't like going to the dentist but at least mine is a great one and I get to watch DVDs while he does his job! ;-)


I'm with you.... had SO many bad experiences as a kid ( 3 INJECTIONS as first 2 supposedly didn't work, then all kicked in and I bit a chunk out of my lip!!!!!!!) and an adult ( all 4 wisdom teeth out!!!!)but do it now- save you time and $$$$ later on...as well as pain.... and you can get cool numbing cream and earphones and tv screens,,,,, wahoo it's a lot better.. all the best

Mrs Frizz

Ummmmmmmmmmm ... all I will say is GOOD LUCK!!!


oh no. I know how you feel. Be brave!!


I was only talking about the dentist yesterday with someone. I feel the same way - terrified. Not only about the pain of injections I also feel the pain of my wallet opening and money spilling out. A trip to the dentist for me generally meant a heap of cash. I have a reminder sitting here. One day I will go. Good luck!!!! I will be thinking of you and your wallet.


Oh but just think how good you will feel with the teeth all done and sparkly clean and no more annoying letters for some time!!! And dentistry is much more gentle than in the 'old days'.

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