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August 16, 2008



We have always spelt Granddad with two d's in the middle , I reckon they're kinda grand too, so it looks great to me just the way it is! Love the LO and the sketches, thanks for sharing!

Beverley Cunningham

Your layout is cool Trina brought back memories of my granddad as I used to spell granddad that way when I was young and he was my GRANDdad too - he loved his family and cherished all of us. Another great giveaway too. Hope you feeling better soon.

Debbie - NZ

Hey that's how we spell granddad as well - lovely layout and thanks for promoting us SU demonstrators...hope you feel even more better soon!


Hi Trina, Glad you're feeling better. Keeping my fingers crossed for the stamps...


I'm with you on the spelling too.... 2 d's is how we spelt it... now my dad is grandpa....... not granpa.... suppose it's all what you and your family decide... love the layout and thanks for the giveaways..... also glad you feeling better


Thank you so much Trina - you've just made my day. For the record we do Grandad with one D


Great layout and both sketches are very cool - the 2nd is interesting! so glad you are on the mend. I cannot believe my neighbour and friend Vicki won your stamp cleaning kit! I wonder if she'll mind me running over to use it!


Glad you are feeling a bit better Trina. Love that LO...those colours are just right for that photo (even tho it's b&w) Evokes and era really.


Pleeeze.. I love StampinUp stuff, but the budget doesn't always allow for it!!

Chris M

I've got the SU cleaner and it's fantastic! Vicki will love it! Great sketches here Trina and love your Granddad layout!!


Yup, I had a GRANDdad too...and I miss him so much *sniff*

Your layout is beautiful ! TFS

Mrs Frizz

New stamps, now they would be cool to add to my collection. I always opt for papers first and foremost ... can't help myself!

Good to hear that you are on the mend.


Good to hear your feeling better, and I love what you've done with the scallop punch. Please don't put me in the draw Trina, I just picked up this set of stamps today from Debs!

Christine C

I'm glad you are feeling better Trina, its horrible being sick. I love this layout the colours are perfect for the older style photo.


Love that photo! Big parcel for a small person ;)


Glad you are feeling better Trina.
I LOVE that layout - what a beautiful combination of papers and stamps. It is just gorgeous.
Maursie xoxo


Gorgeous LO, those are fabulous papers for older photos, love the colours.
Migraines are awful , use to get them when I was younger, so know what you have been going through! Glad you are feeling better.


Glad to hear you are up and at 'em again. Well, sort of!
Classy LO and classy stamps.

sandra mason

Glad to hear you are feeling better Trina, we have Master 6 who suffers with Migraines on a regular basis even with medication.
Loving what you have done with the SU products, I have just brought my first stamps from them and love them

Samantha Raymond

My kids used much to my FIL disgust, used to call him grangran. It used to just crack me up listening to him try to teach them to say grandad. Thanks for the daily inspiration.

Mary Bennetts

Hi Trina, hope you are feeling better, I have the flu over here in Oz land, because its so dam cold at the moment. Love the layout of your Grandad, I have recently come across the Stamping Up Co at a crop and the catalouges are so beautiful it just makes you want to have it all! Cheers from Aussie Land

Lisa McGrath

Awesome layout and I hope you are feeling alot better soon.
The layout also reminds me of my grand dad who recently passed away - it is hard to do layouts sometimes about those most special to us but it also helps the healing from there loss.
Thanks for sharing


I had to check (because I spell it with 2D's)too
The collins online dictionary spells it both ways so either is correct :)



LOL - I often spell it with 2 D's as well!

You layout is amazing - love the colours in it . Those serendipity stamps are lovely - perfect for so many occasions. I have them on my "want" last so maybe one day....

Erica Lasham

Glad you are feeling better, we have the flu bug at our house :-(
Lovely layout, I have very fond memories of my Grandads too, but unfortunately don't have any photos of me with them. They were lost when I moved to NZ.
Love the stamps you have used, fingers crossed I may be lucky ;-)


Really really gorgeous layout Trina
How did the first day of daycare go
Know what you saying about the migraine I only get headaches and they are bad enough hope you are feeling better now


my Granddad had 2 D's too. Love your LO.



Great layout! Hope you are feeling better - migranes are horrible and always leave me feeling washed out to.


Hey Trina, Hope you are continuing to feel better ..hugs to you hun

Ohhhhh and did someone say stamps...nice giveaway


Pleased your feeling better. Another lovely layout aswell.

Darlene Cole

Love this layout. GrandDads are so special!!!!
Brings back such sweet memories of mine...

coach factory store

Now it's huge, and sits outside on the back porch. We've warned the boys about it, and I make a point of collecting the fallen leaves and dumping them in the compost pile (composting wiasdfll break down the toxins -- I checked), but it still makes me twitchy.

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