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August 18, 2008



Wow, sounds like Dan had a fabulous first day! What a trooper!


LOL at least hes a well adjusted young man! it wont be long before its his first day of school!


Your Dan is just a little cutie - I just wanna give him a big 'cuggle' (as my son would say).
Glad his first day went well - and I know the feeling of them pushing you away - how rude of us to want to interrupt their new day LOL!!!
Thanks for sharing
Maursie xoxo


Your so right Trina. As a kindergarten teacher, I always warn parents to expect a few tears about week three (same happens whent they first start school). The novelty aspect has warn off and they are really really tired about then. They don't know how to recognise the signs of being tired, so it often comes out as 'nobody's my friend...the teacher's mean...your cars the wrong colour... LOL' Basically nothing is right in my little world right now - just like we feel when we're tired! Great to hear he's off to a good start though - so remember that if he has a little rough patch.


wow that is so great that he was so comfortable in that environment - that is such good news.... go you big boy Dan.... I'm with Trace though.... usually a few weeks in when reality sets in... generally tired or wanting to spend time with you.... all I say to my parents when they ask what you going to do (in case they are missing out!!!!!) make it something they dont like!!!! what a great start though to an exciting journey.


Fantastic that he was so happy at daycare - makes it so much more stress free for you to enjoy some timeout - but, I had to laugh at him PUSHING u away!!! classic! way to Mum feel wanted!!


What a great start and laughing at him pushing you away as well. At least you know he is happy and OK being there.


What an awesome start go Dan


Oh that's great he did so well. :) I can relate to the miffed feeling LOL! Happened to me too but it's all good. It's much better when they settle well.

Hope you can get some good rest in after that migraine. They totally wash you out.

Mrs Frizz

Your wee boy is growing up ... awesome pics which I'm sure will appear on a layout sometime soon.


I know hat you mean about Dan being a big boy now and how you're feeling: my son is in National Park and will sometimes phone me to say that he has no time to talk to me as he is off to play....bye - and that's it!


hat = what ... it's that "w" sticking on my laptop again


Congratulations Dan. I'm glad he had an awesome day!!!


Great job Dan ! Wonderful to hear that his first day was a complete success.


Oh your wee man is super cute..(and of course the other two..hugs). Reading your story reminded me of my son doing the same LOL.
Don't ya love how big bags look on their backs?

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