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August 08, 2008



I don't think it's been on here ?? But I won't watch it now if it is LOL


LOL !!! i was watching too, but I HAD logged on first, I didnt think she was the right one (cos yeah I totally know them both too!) but I didnt think he was very handsome either... til he took his shirt off at least, I think thats the only reason I watched it, for the gratuitous shirtless shots, but I must also point out that this time it didnt seem as if ANY of the girls were nice... well nice but not stunning like the others have been!


I didn't watch it until last night but my daughter is a fan so will burst her bubble now about happy ever afters! ROFL


Ugh, I could never watch that show! I absolutely hate the whole concept of it, stringing a whole lot of girls along and then breaking their hearts one by one. Not to mention the whole "sharing one guy" thing that just turns me right off!
But yeah, I can understand how you feel ripped off finding out that it was a year old and they aren't together. Not surprising really, they hardly know each other!

Chris M

I've just finished watching the Bachelor in Rome here. Must log on and find out how old that one is and whether they're still together.


do not talk to me about TV reality shows. I will watch the first episode and then go onto the computer to see who wins lol. my family hate me but I cannot help it I need to know now!


Ok I didn't watch it - don't get me wrong I love reality TV - but, got a bit over the bachelor shows fast - yep, they go though all that rubbish, and yes, it's never happily ever after in the end.
And yes a year out of date is ridiculous; and they split up before the show aired ... but hey, you still watched...!!(and you loved it!).

Christine C

I just love realtity TV shows, I love watching how people react to the stressors they place themselves under. I was wondering who he would pick the "girl next door" or the "bunny boiler" as we nick named them. It always interests me how on that show the guy seems to say the same thing to all the women right up to the end, perhaps they broke up when she saw the show and realised what he was saying and doing with the other women lol.
Bring on another series of survivor ...


i am not a fan of these shows.. but found myself watching friday too as babysitting and surfing all the channels... that's sad they arent together now...... they did show some others and said they were and one was having a baby..... whatever works for you i suppose...... thought the idea of a GROUP DATE was a bit weird.....


Not a fan of these shows either, but I did get hooked into watching the final.... I had an opinion as to who he should pick after like 10 minutes... yeah, like that's enough time! LOL
I did think we would be behind the whole screening thing, but not by that much.... wow! I have to say, the whole concept of finding the right person in this kind of environment... hmmm... don't think so.

Rachel Tucker

Oh no, I had watched the whole show from start to finish. Whats up with them not being together anymore ? So should have gone online, something that I did have to resist the whole show. LOL

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