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May 11, 2008



well I'm here LOL... I check every now & then, often don't leave comments unless I haven't for a while or there's a prize draw LOL, or unless I have something to say.

I go to blogs where the blogger has left a comment at mine or where they have left a link to a layout or something that's on their blog in a forum.

I like to visit other blogs where I 'know' there will be inspirational ideas that I can enjoy and one day incorporate into what I'm doing. I visit the blogs of dt's I'm on too. I like visiting challenge blogs.. but often don't get around to doing the challenge :-(.

I don't go 'blog hopping' as much as I used to & there are only a couple of forums I regularly visit & comment on, again not as many as I used to.

HTH Trina


I enjoy reading blogs and leaving comments, but I guess I've only been doing it for 2 1/2 years so perhaps my enthusiasm will wane oneday ... right now I read the blogs of people who comment on mine, as well as blogs of other people I've met on forums or other places online. For people who are friendly to me and who visit me regularly, I tend to leave comments on their blogs 99% of the time. I also read (but don't always comment) on a few other blogs (mostly scrapbooking-related or arty blogs) that inspire me.


I still like popping in to read about the craziness of everyone elses daily lives. I guess it helps to make me feel more sane. LOL.
I also like to pop into bloggers who have popped in to me.
And of course, inspiration, which is why I am always popping in here. LOVE your work trina. :)


I am a newbie to Bloglines and loving it... I have my feeds in these different catergories...

1: Uber Favs (Friends and Uber Favs)
2: Scrapblogs International
3: Scrapblogs NZ
4: Challenge Blogs
5: Company Blogs
6: Design Sites
7: Photo Blogs

Takes some keeping up with but means I can scan faster...

As for what takes me there... a topic of interest, a scrapper whos style I like... not so much with the prizes... I go for the mind fert

Jenny E

Well, I visist blogs because I'm nosey - I like to see what everyone's been up to! I like sharing their joys and sadnesses too because that's what would happen if they were my friends in my town. I like to leave comments just so they know I've been. I know that there are people who visit my blog who never leave a comment and I find that a bit frustrating. And if people visit me, I like to visit back


I like to visit blogs of friends and people who inspire me and you fit both of those categories :) I only visit one NZ forum, I like to be an active participant and find that one website is enough time spent on the computer for me. I love to send and receive emails and comments on blogs although I don't comment every single time but I do about 90% of the time.


I'm naughty, I read tonnes of blogs, but don't often comment. Sometimes the net is so slow it takes ages to load the pages, so loading another to leave a comment can be a pain, but I usually go through a spurt where I will go through every single blog I have on my list and leave a comment, just to let them know I still 'care'. I do lots of blog hopping, and will always visit the blog, and comment if someone leaves me one!

Mrs Frizz

I'm a blog hopper as well ... I like to leave a comment or two [most of the time]. I enjoy reading about other peoples lives, what makes them happy, what makes them sad, the crazy lives they live [and I say that nicely]. My life is crazy a lot of the time and it's good to know that others have crazy lives as well. I'm not alone - lol. I enjoy others creativity - there are so many inspirational people out there and the internet has opened up a whole new world really ... at the touch of a button ...

Chris M

Hey, how come you never visit me!!?!!LOL I have a list of about 100 on bloglines, I look at them all but don't comment on them all as it would take forever. I have got slacker with comments because of time restrictions.
Love reading them especially to see what my friends are up to.
Happy Mothers Day!!


I enjoy reading other peoples blogs too, I don't always leave a comment though as it does get a bit time consumming. I have over 200 in my blog lines but will pop in and comment on htose who visit and comment on mine.

Lyn Dwyer

I don't blog hop as much anymore....just have too much else happening in my life at the moment......but I do love to see what others have been up to.....


Yeah, I'm another one who doesn't always leave comments, but I do read a selection of blogs daily. They are all online/rl friends and a few who I read for inspiration (that's you Trina!). I think it's fantastic - how would have we known about SCKC if not?


I really just stick to my favourites, people who inspire me, have children around the same age as me of who have common beliefs and interests. I like people who talk about real life/day to day stuff, like you do LOL, the ups and downs of motherhood etc...Im a pretty slack commenter but once i have my own blogging under control ie more than once a week, i am going to try and comment more :)

Delys Cram

I dont blog hop often ..I visit a few blogs Ive got on bloglines but dont have time to comment. I know thats just an excuse!!
Im on a few forums and that takes up a bit of my time too.


I go through phases. I have been trying to cut down on online time though, for many reasons :)


I enjoy visiting Blogs, but to be honnest not as much now as I use too, maybe its a lack of time. Its not that I don't want to as I love reading what everyone else is up to, get hit by inspiration, but I always leave a comment as I love the feeling of someone leaving a comment on mine, it is like a little "high" IYKWIM.


Just re-read that and it doesn't read the way I wanted it too. What I was meaning was....
I enjoy visiting blogs but I don't visit as much as I use too. Sorry, should proof read more often


I don't have a blog but I do blog-hop. Mostly nosey and I love seeing the new pages and also your sketches.


As a newbie to having my own blog I love it when I get comments and usually visit people who visit me. Also have a long list on bloglines mostly friends who I have "met" on forums and rarely in real life. Am basically a bit nosey and a big scraplifter so love reading what everyone is doing and seeing lots of creativity.


Hi I think I'm addicted to blogs and love ones that update regulary like you do Trina (I'm almost disappointed when you haven't updated because you usually do lol) I have a list that I look at daily so don't always comment - how often can you tell someone their stuff is awesome and they are an enormous source of inspiration lol
I also now and again look at the Blog list of Blogs I regulary visit and look at a few of them usually finding some more to add to my list
I love Blogs for the huge amount of inspiration and seeing the awesome work that so many do I also tend to be a scraplifter so I find heaps of motivation looking at the Blogs and lots of information. I also really enjoy the day to day stuff hearing about families and it is a reminder to me to journal better and more often on my pages
I only visit Scrapping Blogs and don't have one of my own
So take this as a huge THANKS for all your awesome work, inspiration and information you provide me almost daily


inspiration for blog visiting and the biggest is those that blog everyday or there abouts. I hate visiting a blog and week(s) later they update, its then that I take them off my favourites list.


LOL i hardly ever leave comments unless someone asks, I read a few blogs everyday (Like yours Trina) , mainly cos of the human element, i like knowing what people do each day - to those writing the blog it may seem mundane but i enjoy knowing the boring stuff, and they are generally ALL scrap related with life thrown in to boot!


I don't think I can add anything to that list or to what the other visitors have said!

I've learned to weed my blog subs though - if someone doesn't update very often for example. And if I find myself "marking all read" on a blog frequently because I can't be bothered reading it I will delete it too.

I think my main reason for blog reading and forum reading is the community of like minded people.

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