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April 09, 2008



Funny you should mention this our scrap group were talking about this yesterday and someone mentioned that their sister in law had a group of friends who work on losing weight together they all put in $5 at the beginning of the week and whoever has lost the most by the end of the week collects the money - it wouldn't have to be money but whatever was going to motivate you - it seems to work well for them.
Just an idea I will add although we talked about it we didn't all jump on board in a hurry my problem is willpower - coke and chocolate seem like much more fun lol


its hard sharing that sort of stuff about yourself, and yeah i cant talk im "skinny" but im still heavier than ive ever been, but on the other hand - youre not scared of exercise and thats gotta be a HUGE bonus!? i killed sugar (which i LOVE) because im so scared ill have to start exercising!

Beverley Warwick

Oh I so hear you! I know exactly how much I can eat and yet I go on eating anyway. After losing so much over the last few years I've kind of relaxed a bit and it's creeping back on. Some weeks I'm good at exercise but not at eating, other weeks I'll eat well but not make time for exercise. But I think I've finally got it together this week and with a goal of a trip to Australia in November I've just got to do it!

Kim G

Yep I hear you Trina! I was exactly the same as a kid, could eat what I liked and now I'm struggling to realise that I just can't get away with it any more. I'm about 8kg over what I think I should be but really lack the motivation to exercise and stick to the healthy foods. We should get a support group going... I'll definitely be in!!


I also hear what you are saying Trina. I too am a mum of twins( boys 6) ,and another boy (turned 3 last week). and so I find it really hard to find time for me.
I have just come from the kitchen where i was making cupcakes for a birthday tomorrow, and all I wanted to do was eat another couple. I am not hungry. I just love the taste. So yes, be glad in that you are not alone. There are MANY of us who feel just as you do. Lisa


I hear you Trina and totally understand, I have been having the same fight with myself for the last 9 years and go through stages of 'acceptance' and fighting tooth and nail against myself. I am at the stage where my GP is telling me to lose weight and I still can't get my act together! Funnily enough DH and I have just this week decided we are going to make some changes as a team, so I hope together we can make it happen.

Debbie - NZ

I am going to be totally honest as I am actually sitting here in tears after reading this...My doc has put me onto reductill and given me a green prescription to go to the gym and get cheaper fees and i have joined up and know exactly from the past what i should and shouldn't be eating but like you just don't have the motivation...I don't have the excuse now of having no time at all as David is at Daycare 3-4 days a week....I do keep thinking that i just have so much to do at home that i want to get on top of everything and my time at home bymyself is so precious!


Hey! China sounds fantastic, we cant wait to travel with our childre. Re. the age thing, i think the younger you start the more 'normal' other cultures will be to them...
Before Christmas i was so down about my weight, the biggest Ive ever been, im usually tiny...anyway the key, i think, to being able to stick to which ever plan you choose..is to believe you can actually do it. I think thats the biggest hurdle people have..if you tell your self 'im going to TRY and do this and this and hopefully i will loose some' you are already creating a mindset of failure where as if you tell yourself fromt he get go 'man im looking good already this is great' you are giving yourself positive reinforcement (see that paych degree was worth something LOL)
anyway thats whats worked for me, im still not where i want to be but im on my way :)
Hug..and i think youre gorgeous


I've learnt from past experiences that you can't lose weight unless you're in the right frame of mind mentally. Try as I may I'm not in that frame at the moment!

You'll get there Trina.


I understand, Trina! I lost 15kg with Weight Watchers before I got pregnant with Ethan. It was actually really easy. Now I want to lose the last 7kg that I haven't lost on my own after having 2 kids. But I struggle with motivation. I go to the gym fairly regularly, but I don't watch what I eat like I should. At first I couldn't understand how I did so well at WW before, but you know what the difference is? I wasn't happy with myself back then. I was miserable. I am happy now. Although I'm a size bigger than I wish to be, I have finally accepted myself for who I am. Doesn't mean I don't want to lose those last 7kg (I really really do!!) but it does mean that I'll do it in my own time, at my own pace. I have a goal. We are going to Fiji for our 10th wedding anniversary next year, and I want to drop a size by then.
You're not alone. Sounds like there are a few of us battling the bulge. The fact that you love exercise has got to be a bonus, because if you hate it, it's hard to motivate yourself. I know you can do it!!


Oh man - I am so with you on all of that stuff. I know I should be eating better. I know I should be exercising more. I know all that stuff - and yet fail miserably to get myself to the gym (or anyform of real exercise) and make all sorts of mental excuses to let myself have more of the treat foods than I should.

I am the heaviest I have ever been and I don't like it. I try to ignore it but get the message everytime I catch my reflection in a mirror or window. I hate that feeling when I see that I am bigger than I like to think I am.

Maybe we can all help each other. somehow.


Yep - I am so unfit it isn't funny. And eating (and drinking) too much bad stuff too. But I still haven't figured out a way to get exercise into my life so that it is an integral part of it (which I figure is the only way it is really going to work). I tried the gym again a few years ago but it just doesn't work for me any more, life wise. I wish I knew the answer.


See lots of support lol
I also undersdtand Ihave 6kgs to loose and I have struggles since Christmas with it :(
And like you know all the reasons and things I should be doing. But keep going it WILL happen :)


You a mind reader or something. Had to go to the Dr today and he weighed me. How depressing - it is the most I have ever been and have spent most of today feeling a bit depressed about it. But in saying that its also given me the kick up the backside so I suppose you could say its one of those "aha" moments and time to do something about it and not just think about doing something about it.

Jenny E

Me too - I also KNOW I have to lose weight but don't have the motivation to do it. It doesn't help that when I was pregant I was the fittest I've ever been and actually "lost" weight. Then I stayed at home with babies and just ate ......


Hey I'm keen to try the $5 idea, sounds like a bit of fun! Do we make it $5 Nz or Aussie dollars?


I know where you are coming from Trina. One way that helped me was to really watch my portion sizes. I found I was mindlessly piling stuff on my plate without actually thinking about whether I needed it.


We're not alone Trina!!! Still struggling along here with ya mate! As long as we never give up I suppose!

Delys Cram

Yep I can totally relate but I was a competitive swimmer used to eating large portions and then stopped and still kept on eating have done JC and SS and piled it back on again ..its all in the mind Im sure.. I make excuses that im too busy to exercise.


Trina maybe something you might like to look into is eating more glutten free products. You will be amazed what will happen to you. And its so good for your kids too!!
I'm also reading a book called "Eat Right for Your Type". Have you heard of it before? Its all do with your blood type.
Both Kev + I are following this book now, recommended by our naturopath.
If you want to talk about it just flick me a email.

Michelle Lindenmayer

Oh Trina - you are really being hard on yourself but it does strike a cord with all of us - we are all really too hard on ourselves. We all make excuses though - I go through periods of being really good, eating well and doing (some) excercise but then I fall back into my old habits - coulda, shoulda woulda - good on you though for bearing your soul - I hope it made you feel a bit better :)


Ack the dreaded weight issue! It continues to haunt me and after dealing with thyroid disease for nearly 6 years, it's still a major issue. I try, I work my butt and still it's a major struggle with nothing changing! I have to go to the gym, I know that now. That's probably the most exercise I get. But I love it and that helps! The food is another issue. I'm probably an emotional/bored eater which is NOT good but it's seriously hard to change old habits. And I think you being happy is a lot to be said for this post. I think that is the key ;)

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