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February 25, 2008


Kelly Rotherham

Hey Trina, The princess was a great power Chucker and yep, Curry was not a good idea for her, now she has all sorts of allergies, not that Ithink the Curry caused it...LOL. On the other hand the Bulldozer always had a "Cast Iron Guts", never can tell with kids, besides what do Indian babies eat....Curry!
Waffling again....sorry Kelly


The 'ate all the food and used the last of everything' fairy has been at my house too !

Bugger about the shopping trip, but good on you for taking the 'time out' option.

Sorry to hear that your pasta bake went uneaten :( Both my kids eat anything and neither have any allergies *touch wood*. We had chicken burritos last night (with gravy mix instead of the seasoning because there was none in the kit) and Kade did exceptionally well eating his - he even ate the lettuce.


I know what's like to have dinner refused by little ones! But I have learned not to take in personally. After all, if the "big kid" in my house enjoys it, I know it's good :-)

Kids go through that eating phase but they'll soon come right. My almost 6-year-old is a lot better than he used to be, so there's definitely hope!

Sam Raymond

On the nanny (Jo) program a few weeks back the kids both had clip boards with a shopping list on. Though it was a good idea you just need the time to adapt to it.


Oh no on the curry & milk power chuck blegh!! lol

Beverley Warwick

Good on you for going back to the car - not at all convenient but worth it in the long run. And making only one meal for all the family - they'll get used to it. Depending on the recipe I might take out the kids portion before adding more spices for the adults. It looks the same - but ours tastes better! You sound like a fantastic parent.

Ellie Augustin

I had to giggle and stop and say HEYYYY that was me this AM! LOL we are going shopping tomorrow! LOL we had the last jar of pasta sauce and pasta today for dinner! lol I said OH MY not good! lol soo on my supermarket adventure we will go tomorrow! :)


no tp is not a good feeling when you realise! LOL! Thank goodness for baby wipes hey?

The kids will come around :) Don't take it personally - they won't willingly starve themselves ;)

Kent Pearson

Trina, all in all, I think that you handled the day pretty well. You have such a calm and easy approach to these issues. Thanks also for your thoughtful comments on my blog. I always appreciate and enjoy your comments.

If it wasn't 1:00AM, I'd have a cup of tea right now myself.


Angela O'Neale

Hey Trina...wish I had an ounce of your patience! My three are shocking eaters, which is odd because both me and my dh LOVE our food! Too much IYKWIM! Hopefully they'll come around one day, but til then it is nice to know I am not the only one!


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  • Scrapping & Paper Arts Retreat
    Friday 21 August to Sunday 23 August 2015 in Blenheim, South Island
  • SENZ Ltd - Home
    10th-12th July 2015. This year, not only will I be teaching at SENZ, but I will also be selling my kits at a stall I will be sharing with Robbi Bell.
  • 2016 Patchwork, Quilting and Paper Craft Cruise
    1st -9th April 2016 on board the Celebrity Solstice. From Sydney to New Caledonia and back to Sydney. A huge selection of tutors to choose from, including a variety of scrapbooking and quilting.

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