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February 22, 2008


Kelly /  Scrappydo

I know someone whose girlfriend dated Lyal Lovett who was briefly married to Julia Roberts.

That the kind of thing you want?


Aha! Thats perfect. Thanks!!!!!

Now I just want to know of someone who knows someone who knows Oprah. LOL!

Thanks for playing Kelly!

sandra mason

My hubby used to work for the government and he knew Rob Muldoon also a lot of "Older" politicians. He also knows John Campbell from TV 3


my mums cousin used to hang out with Dave Dobbyn lol

sandra mason

Oh and my Nana used to be Penpals and later met Murray Ball's (Footrot Flats) mother


I know Helen Clarks sister, but sorry doubt I'd be able to get you close to Bill Clinton or Oprah!

Dawn Stan

My Mum worked for a family when we lived in England. They used to attend garden party's at Buckingham Palace all the time with the Queen and the Queen's Mum. They hung out and socialised with them as friends all the time.

I'm only a few degrees separated from most of Australia's country muso's.

A friend from highschool in England lived next door to one of the guys from Duran Duran.

all I can think of at the moment. There are more I am sure.

No Oprah, sorry.


My nana knew Sir Edmund Hillary.....Adrian and I once had lunch in the same restaurant as Olivia Newton John who was in 'that' movie with John Travolta who is a close friend of Oprah's!! Howz that?!


LOL..... You crazy woman!!

My cousin is getting married to John Law's Son (Radio announcer in Aus)

Ummmm We are good friends with Elliot Goblets(Dry witted Aussie comedian) brother and he included a joke in one of his skits about the shirt (admittedly ghastly bright) I had proudly sewn for Hubby years ago.

Jon Stevens (Noiseworks/INXS fame) came along to my 40th and played a heap of songs and lead a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday....( Small incidental was that DH paid him & Band....does that count?...LOL)


PS Maybe John Laws interviewed Oprah? or Even Hilary when she was 1st Lady!!


I know this isn't what you are after Trina, but after reading the prev comments I can say...

1. Nicki (whose Mum's cousin used to hang out with Dave Dobbyn) is married to my cousin.
2. I met John Campbell and his family at the local dairy where we were camping! LOL

my ex-husband said he is a cousin of Mel Gibson, but not sure how many steps removed he is though!

and hey Trina, you and I have had our blogs read by Kent Pearson, Renee's husband.

alas still no connection to Bill Clinton or Oprah. =)


Ummm...a friend of mine's dad taught Nicole Kidman how to ride a horse. Nicole was married to Tom, who jumped on Oprah's sofa ! LOL

DH went to school with Mackenzie Crook (his name is really Paul) - the actor from The Office (UK) and the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies (he's the skinny one with the fake eye). And he's worked with Johnny Depp ~ yummmm :D


Trina, I can probably get you close to Oprah. Let's see (without naming names)
Australian public servant wife > friends with ambassador > Ambassador meets with Aus PM > PM meets with US president > US president meets with Oprah

Da dah!!!!

Erica L

I know a lady that was Jean-Claude Van Damme's Kid's Nanny.
I also used to work in a salon where the writer of Eastenders got his hair cut. lol
Michael Palin's mum used to live down the road from my Grandma. he he


I saw Bill Clinton (like 5 feet away) at the International AIDS conference in Toronto in 2006. But that's not really "knowing" him, is it? ;-)

Michelle Whorwood

Okay I have one for you, my sister is Nicole McWilliams who works at Macvad with your husband and she just saw your blog on my computer. How funny is that!!


I don't think I know anyone! How sad am I LOL! I must move in the wrong circles.

I did see Rachel Hunter at Woolworths in 277 once. ;) And I did go to the same high school as Russell Crowe did for a while. But not at the same time.


My sister used to be in a theatre group with Will Martin, she has had Yulia over at her house ( even lent her a handbag), went to school with Keri Harper - they used to do photography and school productions together. I know Carl Doy (Piano's by Candlelight). Can you tell we're a bit musical/theatrical in my family :) My sister knows heaps of others as well - she's the one moving in the right circles he he he. Oh I have had morning tea with Chris Carter (MP & Minister of Education) a few times - he used to have morning tea with us in our staffroom when I was teaching in Te Atatu.


hmm the closest I could get you to Oprah would be:
A friend of ours had a friend (who we have met) who worked on a super yacht & Oprah came & stayed on it!

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