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January 17, 2008



Apparently in Auckland it was more than 28C at 2pm yesterday ... but geez it felt even hotter than that!! I've been in New York in the middle of summer (July) and it was in the 40's there, but I felt hotter yesterday! I think because we don't have the built-in A/C in all our houses like they do in hot places! Not the mention the humidity here in Auckland.

Gorgeous photos of the sunflowers!!! Just breathtaking.

Debbie - NZ

These past few days have just been sooo hot and humid! Bring on dry heat any day! I just love, love the sunflower photos and would love to use one of them if you wouldn't mind! We have started saving now for in 8 years time to go to France and Italy for 2 months and the Sunflowers just make me think of tuscany and i am wanting inspirational photos and layouts everywhere. I just love the kids when they are like little sponges1

Debbie Buckland

Hi Trina... its been about 27 and 28 degrees here in Chch. I know for we have a temperature gauge on the window.

Nice inside though because of the heatpump on cold. lol

I was one of the ones from New Zealand that applied for the Design Prima team but alas I didn't make it in. Oh well maybe next year. My Design team work for heaven-sent is finishing up in March. i hope we do a bit for Fiskars this year in demo work lol Or I will get withdrawls from being in a scrapbooking team! lol

Well must go and check out the rest of my internet stuff for the day. ;)


Gorgeous photos, of the sunflowers and Dan. Such a cute story about him kissing everyone, little flirt, gonna have to watch out him in the future?
I doubt it was as hot as here as in Auckland but the kids didn't have a good night last night it was so hot ans sticky.


Beautiful sunflowers - so love them too. They just scream summer and happiness.
I hear you on the heat - last night was just awful! Couldn't sleep till after midnight - windows open for the mozzies to feast on us.... ack!

Dan is so sweet ;) I love it when they get interactive. Confession: Babies are sweet but I do prefer them once they get past 1!

Kent Pearson

Hi Trina, you guys are kind of spoiled living in such a great weather area like New Zealand. Of course I am a little jealous. Many years ago places north of New York City, like Conneticut and Rhode Island did not need air conditioners because the temperature were so mild. All of that has changed. It is often hotter there now than here in the southern USA. I hope that your higher temperatures and humidity are not signs of what's to come.

Your sunflower pictures are outstanding. The color and detail is great. Also, you may be ignoring another of your talents, that being putting together a great and visualy enticing food presentation. The pictures of your backyard outing with your hubby were a visual treat. My mouth waters just looking at them. Great job.


Nic Howard

hi Trina
Yea I'm responding to an old post. This day where you posted how hot it was got up to 28.9 degrees on the Pukekohe weather station data website. BUT it had an 'apparent temperature' of 38.5 degrees (its the equiv of adding together humidity and solar temp etc tot he actual temp, kind of like adding wind chill to winter temps).

So it really was HOT. Our gauges in the shade were registering 31 that day.


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