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January 22, 2008



Trina, I bet the memory of the doggies birthday treat, lives on forever, and what well loved dogs they look like!

And yep, that gingerbread sure does look like NZ, which could be considered quite profound in light of such a historic event happening today...(of course to Matt it's just leftovers...!!)


Happy Birthday to the doggies!
WOW, that's amazing, the shape of the leftover gingerbread man!! Definitely good that you had the camera ;-)

Debbie - NZ

Awww way tooo cute and that def does look like NZ!

Debbie Buckland

very cool that you captured the NZ cookie! And what a cool idea celebrating a doggies birthday! lol


Thats so cute. I think your boy might be a genius ;)

Kelly /  Scrappydo

Oh yay for doggy birthdays!!! I have a feeling our doggies might be due for a celebration too...


just as well you had the camera!


That so looks like NZ - amazing! I've just had a little girl looking over my shoulder at these pics. Firstly she suggested that doggy should be using a spoon to eat that yummy drink! And now we may just be planning our own celebration. ;o)


What a cool idea and I bet its something the kids remember for a long time and yep definitely NZ.

Donna M

Oh too cute! May there be lots of doggie birthdays in the future!
That is definately NZ - wow!


love the pics of your dd's doggies b'day tea. Very scrappable.


What gorgeous photos of the afternoon out! I bet there were some happy doggies! I'm in awe of Matt's gingerbread! Fabulous LOL!


Cute photos! Happy birthday doggies :) Hope you enjoyed your fluffy!


What a great idea the doggie outing was. How clever is your son to make a NZ gingerbread sculpture - now that shows real talent!


That is such a cute idea and awesome that you have it captured on film! Georgous!

Erica L

Happy Birthday doggie, hope you've written the date in your diary, so you can surprise Sarah next year :-)
Well done Matt for making NZ, you clever boy!
Great you had your camera handy.

Christine Cleary

That is just plain freaky about the cookie. Good thing you had the camera.

Ellie Augustin

Wow that is really beautiful and I know that she will remember that as a treasured memory as you I know you must be thinking she might be too small to remember but trust me they remember..FYI that cocoa looked sooo yummy!!! :)


So cool to celebrate the doggies b'day, and in such style too! I love the photo of the dog and the fluffy. As for the map of NZ, not planned? I think you have a geographer in the making. That is amazing and I am glad you had your camera there!


Your photos are amazing! What an adorable idea!


Wow that is so cool - someone must be telling you that NZ is the place to be! What a neat idea to have a doggies birthday.


How awesome that you took the time to celebrate the doggies special day, I am sure the outing will be remembered with joy for a long time to come! WTG with the NZ gingerbread, you could market those, lol!


oh my gosh, I am so blonde!!!!! I'm reading and saying to myself, 'see Ollie girl how lucky you are to get out in the car as much as you do' (that's my dog) and then I think 'they have a cafe where they can take their dogs!!!!????' oh my shattered nerves, it must be because I have this head cold thing! Makin memories mom!!!!! That's what its all about....Makin Memories!!

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