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January 25, 2008


Debbie Buckland

ha ha I just did that very thing yesturday! Was going through my layouts and looking at the photos etc.

I have been going though my old albums also getting ideas for sketches for my sketch tags I put on my blog on Wednesdays.

Some of the layouts look horrible but as sketches they look groovy! lol


Hey Trina,
I love those WER D-ring albums too, and I still have the manuf. labels on the spine - I want to make my own labels - one day - one day! LOL
Sadly my family don't look through their albums, but I will stick each layout under their nose as its made.
My hope is, that one day they will enjoy looking through their albums, meanwhile I am enjoying creating them.

Debbie - NZ

David is at a point that he just loves, loves sitting on my lap and going through pages especially ones with him on the pages!


Great reading Trina. My son and I will both get an album out and have a read through every once in a while - he loves to look at the photos, I love to read the journalling (something about learning styles there lol) and I love all the memories it provokes. So I guess I will keep on scrapping :-)


The reason I scrap is it's an addiction...LOL!! Just can't help myself. But truely, I love to scrap and look back in years and read what the boys and us did as I so can't remember that far back. It's the little things sometimes that we forget and I'm trying to scrap those little things so I can in years to come look back and remember. My boys have 1 - 2 albums each and they sit, look, read and remember. It's alot of fun.
Great read Trina, thanks!


The age old question, why do I scrap? I love everything about it, art, memories, stories, photos and more. I often look through my older albums and smile both at the photos and stories and how my scrapbooking has evolved. I love it all. My boys don't deliberately sit down and look through them but will come and browse when I do. Tobyn has a simple old fashioned newsprint type scrapbook called 'My special book about ME' and he looks through it a lot. I have just bought one for Isaac and I hope he will love his as much as his big brother.


Chick! I LOVE this post! i often show friends my albums cause it's easier to show than explain and look at my old pages and whilst i sometimes cringe, I get a certain sense of success, completetion and importantly happiness. You've inspired me to make a 'why i scrapbook' page! Dare you to do one too!!!

Donna Meuli

I so hear you. I just made a LO I don't like particularly. It doesn't pass my critical eye, you could say, but I saw my DH & kids studying the photos and reliving the memory & they love it, so that for me helped me realise that it's the memories & not always my creative perfection that's important!

Ellie Augustin

Hmm actually I did do that yesterday. Yesterday would have been my oldest DD's 2nd B-day she passed to SIDS when she was 2 1/2 mnths old. Although yesterday was a tough day looking through my scrapbooks of Anjie made me smile through the tears because I have these pictures, memories that I will share w/her baby sister as she wasn't able to meet her she will know who her sister was and my sons remember her as well. I scrapbook so I can look back when I'm old and gray and see the laughter in my childrens eyes and feel the same joy I did when those pictures were taken and share it w/others. So they say I'm addicted w/scrapbooking but no I'm addicted to preserving our memeories :)



We look at our albums all the time and it's interesting how it's not so much the style or the LO but the photos and stories that is so enjoyable to see. ;) Puts things in perspective eh? Even my old CM style LO's I don't really like are still good to look at.

rebecca Cameron

I think it might be a time for reflecting about why we scrap. It seems to be coming up a lot in blogs at the moment. I guess that is why I have gone back to my old simple style of scrapping...just telling the story.


I had a similar conversation with a non-scrapper the other day, trying to explain my passion (and addiction lol) My family love to look through their albums when they get the chance.


I don't have too many albums to flick through, but I do like looking through the ones I have.

Re: your comment on my blog (tried to email you but it bounced)

I made my blinkie using a program called Atani GIF creator. I found a free version of it online, but it puts a little symbol on your blinkie until you register it. It was easy to use, and obviously, the more you make the better they'll become.

I am happy to send you the ZIP file if you want it. Yell out if you need any more info or help :)


I looked through some of my old pages a while ago (and cringed at a lot of them). My favourites were the ones with journalling that told a little story so I have been trying to make that more of a focus lately :)


I don't do a real lot of scrapbooking. I really should start again. When I looked back at my old layouts I was thankful that I did the every day events. I was looking at a layout of my self and my newphew, 4 yo, playing football in the backyard in the rain. Now I am his great aunt, which to him I am his greatest aunt, but things like this slip your mind, and with my slipping LOL, it is so lovely recalling the time by looking at the pictures and reading the journaling. Journaling is so important. Yes, I must get back into it. I love your sketch of 1/25/08 so I think this will be my first challenge of the year.

Kent Pearson

Hello Trina. One of the beauties of scrapbooking is the recording of your life events, and those of your loved ones in your voice. Being a believer in the importance of a knowledge of history, there are few things that will tell your story for future generations better than those books containing your lay-outs in those books.

It is important to do what Raewyn (Whinney) said in her comment above, just keep doing them. It matters. It really does.



Great post, Trina! I scrap for ME, because I love the creative process. But when I look back, it's so gratifying to know that I've preserved some special moments and memories for my family to look back on. Nothing beats that feeling!

Lisa Walker

I know exactly what you mean Trina, I love reminising over old LO's also. As much as I want my pages to last for the future, the joy the children and I get out of them in 'the now' is far more important to me! P/S I agree with you about the state of this Country, its a real worry, I don't feel NZ is as safe.

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