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January 21, 2008


Debbie - NZ

I'm up for it! I have actually already done my Pay it Forward and a friend of mine is going through Chemo at the moment and just started to lose her hair so I got Richard to shave my head last night as a unique way of support and she loves it! I know have a number 1-2.


And one of the cheapest things to give - TIME! Take the time to help or teach someone else. Sometimes it's too easy to throw money at things without having to actually get involved.

Jenna Z

Ooh, what a lovely thought! Our crafting group is collecting blankets (they are all gathering here around my feet in my craft room!) for Project Linus and this month I will be driving them to our regional director so they can be distributed! It's very exciting to see all these lovely handmade blankets with fun girly patterns like monkeys and hearts or cute boy patterns like tools and cars! Thanks for the chance to win!


That's true Trina, I support a couple of favourite charities, but hadn't really considered that giving time is also valuable - to me that's just what you 'do'...so it was a warm fuzzy moment reading your blog this morning. Thanks.

Fiona Groves

cool we were just talking about this on Saturday with Mum and Dad, they are in the middle of moving and their big freezer accidently got switched off, luckily the found it while all the meat was only partially defrosted and so gave to a local group who do food parcels! $300-400 dollars worth of meat will have made a lot of people happy - including my Mum and Dad. Mine is done for the day - ensuring my team get release time even though we are a staff member down.

Jennie Outterson

What a lovely thought. My dad recently received custody of my brothers twin babies. My dad and his wife are close to 60 yo and that was great that he took them on. I told him that if it got too hard or if they needed something I would be there for him to take the babies or to give what I could. They have had so many people give them things and it is so nice of them to do.


LOL, I think ive recently done all your suggestions, minded my pregnant friends toddler so she can get some precious sleep, made a very nutricious soup for another friend who just had a baby (WHY do we not have Doulas as part of post natal care here!?!?!?) etc :) I am a HUGE believer in giving to recieve, but mainly the power of giving, so Go You, gorgeous woman!


Yes, I completely agree. I think TIME is the biggest thing you can give, especially to someone who really needs it. Due to my work situation I find myself with lots of spare time these holidays, so have offered my time to those who have to work and have kids at home. Knowing how much I struggled recently to find care for my kids, I hope I have been able to help these friends out.


I agree, wholeheartedly. And I go to church and tithe, so for me there is some spiritual aspect to it. We sponsor a few kids in Africa and support some other organisations and charities. It's all part of giving some of the PLENTY that we have (because we really do, in comparison to other people) in order to help those less fortunate.
The PIF concept is one I strive to live up to every day. It's a fantastic philosphy and the world would be a better place if everybody had the same mindset.

Carol Argyle

How true Trina. Time, especially, is a precious gift. It costs nothing. I recently spent some time chatting to a not so well off neighbour that I bumped into in town. When we had finished talking she thanked me so much for taking the time to chat with her. The expression on her face said it all and made me feel glad that I had taken that time. I know I brightened her day and it also brightened mine.


What a fabulous idea - and what better time to do it! You amaze me Trina, with all that's on your plate, you continue to think of others and seem so collected (LOL!) I'm a do-er, I'm always sending out clothing to people, food (I constantly sent T'K to school with huge lunches so she knew that she could share with some of the kids that came with nothing - we were at a school that was within a very low soci-economic group). I just love the feeling that I've done something little, thats changed someones day in a big way!


I just love reading your blog Trina! You always have comments that really make me sit back and think. Thank you.


so true Trina ! If all the world were more generous with their time, money etc it would be a much nicer place!


Fantastic post and so very true. I try to live by the pif principle and always like to give whenever I can.

Lyn Dwyer

Hi Trina.......love this post......and I agree with you....."giving to others" is so rewarding.....and even "giving to ourselves" is important to....giving ourselves "time" to do thigs that make us feel good.....perhaps even allowing ourselves some ME TIME......is away of 'giving" to ourselves .
As you know I'm involved in a lot of Charity work here in Australia....and it gives me so much pleasure......unbelievable pleasure helping others.
I'm not wanting to go in this RAK Trina.....LOL! but I'll certainly give you another prize to add to your list to giveaway......

cheers, Lyn Dwyer
Lead Fiskars Craft Ambassador


What a fab post Trina! I agree with lots of the others that Time is something that others seem to really love to receive. I recently looked after my neighbours kids for the weekend while her baby was in the hospital and it made me feel so GOOD to be able to help her. It's amazing how doing something you consider 'small' can be so 'big' for the other person :)


Hey chick
Pay it forward is one of my fav movies and whenever i watch it i truely do sit back and think about what it's trying to say! great post hun!
In fact - i'm sitting at my scrapping desk now and am about to make a heap of 'just cause' cards to send! :)


I just found your blog via Hannah at Blair's Boys, and I couldn't agree with your post more! Thanks for the timely reminder. This is something I tend to forget when times get financially tighter for us, but it always holds true. I have a friend who is going to begin chemo very soon for stage 3 breast cancer. I realized that we have an ipod we never use. I am going to stock it with music and give it to her to distract her during her treatments. It is always easier than you think to give, but a gentle reminder is a good thing!


Hi Trina,
I am new to your blog(found it through fiskars) and have been reading past posts for most of the morning. I completely agree with giving your time and resources - it does not have to cost anything. We support charities and have sponsor children but it is so easy to get used the direct debits and not think about what you are really doing each month. I live in a smallish community and go to church, there is so much more that I could do and don't, with all the excuses in the world(my children are young, I work, I have so much to do for us etc...). Really that's all they are EXCUSES, you have challenged me to do better with the time and skills that I have and I look forward to posting you about them soon. Have a great day and thanks for being so generous to those around you.


Love reading your blog and must say you have certainly given me something to think about.


Wow, look at all the comments you've got! Great post Trina, I agree completely.


Time and resources are wonderful to give.
One thing I love to do is when I find a homeless person to go buy them something hot for lunch... sometimes just something from McDonalds and give it to them. Sometimes cash but if you give them food you know where that is going. One time there was a man asleep on a bench... I left the food and walked away, he never knew where it came from.
There was an elderly woman who would NOT let me take her to a shelter so every day I would take her something to eat, others tried to help her too but she would not go to a shelter and it was very cold out.... one day she just disappeared and I have often wondered about her. So many times she had me in tears praying for her so I know if God can use me and the few others who were here to help her that she is STILL in His hands where ever she is and I have to TRUST that He is still caring for her.
Oh my, how many memories this has brought up.

Deb Hosking

This is so true, Trina. These days we are so busy we often forget how much a thoughtful gift whether it be something material or otherwise, can make a difference. Thanks so much for reminding me!


I love that ad on tv 'smile and it comes back to you' and its so true and so easy to do.


Great idea Trina. I have been meaning to do a sort out of my stash so when I do I'll be passing some of it on.

Christine Cleary

What a good reminder, I have a friend who is moving her family up north in a couple of weeks, so I have spoken to my Hubby as we have a ute and a trailer we can use so we are going to help them move up and we are also taking their son for a weekend or two before they go so they can concentrate on the move and packing (not easy when you have a child "helping"), will also bake a bacon and egg pie for the move and some dinners for their first week. Moving is so stressful that anything we can do to help I know will be appreciated.

Dawn Stan

A great thing to do Trina. More people should give. It's so rewarding.

Please don't add me to the giveaway.


Giving definately makes a person feel happier. I agree that everyone should give it a try. Thank You..


What a neat post - I love the idea of 'Pay it Forward'. I arrived here from Blairs Boys and I'll be back!


Hi Trina,
Been meaning to leave a comment for so long, met you at Crafting Connection and wanted to say thanks for your time spent talking to me. It's fantastic that you don't have to always spend money to make people happy, the thought does count :)


Great post Trina - I think we should all pay it forward be it in a big or small way.
Good luck to you.
Maursie xo


What a lovely thing to do. I might have to give it a go the pay it forward, it sounds great.



You're so right about paying it forward ... I'm planning to send out RAK's every week this year. I love surprising people with something to make them smiles.


What a lovely thing to do!

I have brought the boys up to pay it forward and we do that whenever we can. It's a great feeling to be giving something to someone else and the receiver always feels a little special too.

Have a great day ...


Definately love the idea of Pay It Forward - I'll pay it forward from my own stash as a start!

Cindy Hearty

Isn't the feeling of GIVING just the best !? Knowing you have taken a little time and a little thought to brighten someone's day, or make their life a bit easier. The cost is usually nothing or minimal; the value is absolutely priceless, and the reward is in their smile.


I come from a single family income (with three lil mouths to feed), and wish I could financially support more charities, but as I cannot, I, too, give my time....my friends joke that I am a "career volunteer" because of all my community activitism. The most current addition to my list is 4-H leader. I anticipate running a children's camp this summer through the 4-H and I am really looking forward to it! :) Thanks for the opportunity!


Hi Trina, awesome post, and ive done a bit of giving in my time - especially for scrap stuff! we alllll know that we have "stash" and then it doesnt get used .. i like to give to others in need cos at least it gets used, but on the upside - today i received, and it was a rak from Lyn Dwyer and i have to say THANKS! cos being on the receiving end is so exciting .... and its my birthday today and i dont revceive gifts (far too old apparently hahaha) but the pack from Lyn has made my day AND week ! so thanks, but please dont enter me in the rak either - i am grateful already for my present!


You know, I've also experienced this too. Giving gives me a lot of pleasure and makes me feel better about myself. I've been planning on doing a give away on my blog... just got to make the items! :)

Nicole Chin

What a cool idea Trina!

Kelly /  Scrappydo

PIF is just a great concept... I have about 10 things ready to send off... just need to get them to the PO..LOL! they've only been sitting there since before xmas...ooops! Your post has reminded me I must get them on their way.


What a lovely idea...you are an inspiration!!


Giving is a part of my life. I've been on the receiving end recently..and I've been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. God is Good...all the time. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Annelie Maddock

So true... I try to think like that every day. Just giving a smile to someone who looks sad is really important!


What a great post and a great reminder!


way to go! Paying it forward is always such a nice thing to do!
New to one of the scrapping sites and found you that way.
Off to think up a pay it forward idea.

Cindy Vernon

I work at a school in a poor neighborhood and give quite a bit here in monetary donations to support my students' activities. I can't afford to give much else after paying for my own teacher's supplies but the students appreciate it.


Wow, that really hit a nerve for me. I must admit I live by the same philosophy of what goes round comes round, and a reminder of that never does any harm :0)

jan scholl

I was brought up on tithing too. My grampa taught me that and even as a kid babysitting for 50 cents an hour (6 kids worth) I still always did that. I still do today but I have a theme with my tithing. Bless the beasts and the children. I do not donate to politicians, churches or anything like that. I donate to kids groups and animal welfare. Two that have no voice in this world.

Michelle Whorwood

I love this idea Trina... we should all do something to help out when we can. THANKS!

Felicia Escalante

I too believe that when you give it comes back. We recently moved and at our old base there were a group of us women who would watch over each other. One friend had a baby we each took turns taking her meals, one friend's husband deployed to Iraq and we helped her out with her children when she needed it and didn't need it. She was so stubborn about letting us take her kids just so she could have some "me" time. Whenever one of us was sick one of us would take the kids off the sick mom's hands for the day. I had a breast biopsy and they were bringing me food for my family and helping me around the house or whatnot. What a GREAT post!



Yesterday a friend told me she was going into hospital for a week, so I offered to look after her little boy. I love the way you have encouraged us to think aout what we can give. As you say, a card out of the blue means so much to people.

Michelle H-G

I have only just found your blog and find it very inspiring. I to truely believe in paying it forward and also in positive thoughts - thanks for taking the time to make us all stop and think.


Just today I posted off a parcel to a scrapping friend who didn't receive her Secret Santa gift for Christmas. I am also decluttering all my kids bits and pieces ready to give to charity. There should be more of it!


I think this is a great idea - i have started making all my cards this year (one of my new years resolution) - weird as I have been scrapping for so long but only now getting to the cards!!!................ anywho i was wondering what to do with all the cards and now you have given me an idea - i will find someone who maybe cant afford cards and give them ....to them....thanks for the inspiration. mandyb

Nic #1033

we're currently helping a family out who were involved in a horiffic car accident, 8 of them in a van, all 8 with injuries - 3 of them serious.


I often make/bake treats and give them away, to my Mum, my MIL, my BIL, my DH's work, my work. It's the homemade thought that goes a long way and it always brings a smile to people's faces. I like cooking and baking, so it gives me a smile too, especially when I know they will be gratefully and cheerfully received!


Heck yeah Trina, I'm definitely up for it! I'm just loving reading everyone's comments. They're also getting my mind whirring faster for all the things I can do that includes time!


What an awesome and beautiful post! I was just thinking about this yesterday and decided I was going to make several assorted cards/envelopes and donate them to my church to mail out to those who are sick, going through a difficult time and etc. I figured, I may not have much extra money right now, but I can stamp!!
Thank you for this post!

jane hambly

wow so many amazing comments and so reasuring that there people in this world and so close to home how share the same theory.Like you say Trina its the little things sharing were we have our caravan I always leave what ever fresh produce I have with people I know are staying on longer[there are no shops].we have sponsored the guide dog training and canteen to give is to love and be blessed it puts the sunshine in your day.

jane hambly

last tuesday we had our godson samuel to stay as mum had to work and her mum would only take two and sam always gets left so instead of going to day care he came for a sleepover.Such a treat to have time is a wonderful thing to give to pay forward is a great idea awesome post trina thankyou

Cathy M

You are so right about giving in different ways. Reading this just brighten my Monday. I try to give and help with my time whenever I can. Thanks for a chance.


I enjoyed reading your post Trina and it's so true, giving to others in any way can be a great feeling. I love giving to people and it's something I have grown up with. I love helping others out in anyway I can/when I can and teaching my boys to do the same is great to. Thanks!

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Trina...you're bringing tears to my eyes girl! I'm getting all misty! You're an inspiration.


sometimes i think we get so caught up in the day to day stuff that we forget this sort of thing. and it is so easy really - if we just bring it to the front of our thoughts to do even ONE nice thing for someone each day how much better would we feel !!!!


Yes, indeed. You've certainly made me think as well. Just doing a bit of blog hopping while trying to enrol my daughter in uni subjects and found your blog through Fiskars. What a great idea. I'll have a think tomorrow about some ways I could brighten someone's day.


What a great post, it makes you stop and think, alot of times we don't realize how something that is little to us, can be so big to someone else in a time of need.

Anna C

a truly inspirational post that makes everyone stop and think.....thank you!

Linda Peterson

You have come up with a very neat challenge!
I have a friend who had surgery on Friday and will be visiting her tonight. She is a Weight Watcher's member so am going to make some WW treats to take to her. Also found a family name on another blog who needs a card because they lost their son in Iraq. You are so right when you said that when you give, it comes back to you. Just the "feel good" feeling you get is more than enough.

Claudia F.

You have a great blog. I so agree about giving...I make cards for the troops as part of the www.cardsforheroes.org project and it warms my heart every time I send a package of cards to Iraq.


I agree with you on this! Sometimes we all get caught up in "me!" that we forget about others. I have been babysitting (for free) my neighbor's autistic son so she can get a break once in awile.


This is true! :)


Sue Reynolds

Here I was just looking for an idea for a card and I found you! My last week has been all about giving with sick relatives. Today I'm going to take my stamps over so when we sit and visit I can make cards. I'm told they will like to watch (two lovely old aunts) so we'll see how it goes. Gets their minds off their troubles at least and gives me something creative while I'm visiting instead of just sitting and feeling itchy like I have to get something "constructive" done. Thank you for the challenge!


What a great idea!! I personally try to do this any chance I get!! Kudos!!!


This is a great idea, please count me in! I like to think I am doing the contribution to society thing already. I have three teenage daughters and I really try to be a good example. I am a firm believer in the addage that children do more of what they see you do than what they hear you say. Thanks for encouraging this behavior! I think I will send out some cards to some unexpecting somebodies....just because! ;-)


What a great post! I totally agree and thanks for the reminder:)


Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

Hello! I'm all about giving. Last fall, I donated my hair to Locks of Love. This winter I donated 40 cards to Cards for Troops, and this year I have vowed to not spend any money on crafts so that I can donate $1000 to the Crohn's and Colits Foundation. (See my blog for more details on all of these donations). I'm happy you are challenging others to do this....we need more givers in our world!

Theresa B

This is a great Idea. I believe the same thing “what goes around comes around" and I am an avid giver. Even if it’s not much. I always try to do what I can. And It always makes me feel good to know I may have made someone’s day :)and that’s all I ask of giving.
Have fun with your giveaway. And thank you for the opportunity :)

Ellie Augustin

Wow that is wonderful of you. Many blessing to you :) Your post made me smile so I thank you for that. Have a wonderful day :)

Kelly W

Awesome idea Trina. I think it is definitely time to pay-it-forward. That's why I am giving away a blog candy and we give to charity as well, but I have a friend in particular who could use my help and this is what I am going to do. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us.


Wow how awesome! Yes, it is totally true. I can't afford NOT to pay my tithing. And I give away scrappy goodies all the time--it brings such joy! In return a friend gave me a dozen lovely stamped cards she'd made. I wasn't expecting that, but it was so sweet! Thanks for the opportunity!


Great ideas, Trina! I believe it really does work.

Linda SS

My mother was the most giving person I've ever known. I have always tried to live by her wonderful example and it has definitely come back to Bless me now. I have been pretty sick for the past few years and have received many flowers & gifts. The ones I've appreciated the most are when I receive a casserole or plate of homemade Christmas cookies:) Or from the loving man next door, who snow blows my driveway while my husband is at work. Thank you for encouraging RAK's...they really do come back to you, don't they?!!!


Hey Trina...I am so with you on this one. You've just inspired me to develop a "stash giveaway box" for my scrapping buddies.


What a wonderful and generous idea!! I havent done anything quite like some of the other ladies, but I have several friends who are due to have their babies and I (being a wanna be photographer) have done some belly shots for them. Gorgeous!

Debbie Buckland

We have just recently had a big clean out of our house and sheds. We gave alot of bits to our daughters preschool, preschool teachers that are having babies. And to clothing bins. The rest of the really bad stuff went to the tip. But I never give anything away if it looks warn out and not near new and unusable. It was really fun seeing peoples faces When I gave them the stuff. Thats part of the fun I think. Its a real thrill!


What a timely post. A very close friend has just gotten back from the most awful family tragedy you can imagine. I've offered to have her children and friends are making her meals. Doesn't take much to help someone in need does it. Thanks for being so real.


Thank you for the encouragement to GIVE. This is my first time to your blog, but I really enjoyed reading your post, so I will be back. Want to check on previous posts too.
Have to think of how I can GIVE this week.


Great Commentary. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is true, if given in the right spirit, it makes you feel great!


Thanks for reminding us that it doesn't take a lot to make a difference. If everyone did one nice thing for a stranger each day, imagine what the world would be like!


So true - what goes around comes around. Even when I think I don't have much to give, there is always someone worse off that could benefit from my small gift. And in due time, when I am truly in need, without fail my needs have been provided for abundantly. Thanks for the reminder to keep on giving. :o)

Jenny E

I sorted out the boys' wardrobes - I first gave the huge bag to a friend with cancer to take what she needed for her son; then the bag went to another friend with three boys to take what she needed. Everything left over including the bag with my old clothes then went to Women's Refuge

Kate Mills

Love your sentiments about giving. Really thought provoking and challenging. Thanks. I am still procrastinating on my new years resolutions, that is, even making any so maybe I could some how incorporate this into my resolutions for 2008. I need to take myself off and spend some time thinking. Hmmm wonder how I willl achieve that.

Kate <

Sandy Heringer

Great post about giving Trina! Part of our giving could be volunteering on a weekly basis. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are always looking for volunteers to be leaders donate their time. I thoroughly enjoyed the 7 years I was a leader for Girl Scouts.

Thanks for the chance to win some goodies.


Isn't the feeling of GIVING just the best feeling in the world? I have read every comment and am so uplifted by reaction of everyone. Thank you so much for making all of us think and look into ourselves to "pay it forward". Thank you.

Brenda H.

That's so true...the blessings really do come back to you! A couple of days ago, I brought a family (who have 5 children) two huge boxes of fruit, meat, cheese, fresh buns, baking & other packaged foods. They were so grateful to receive it, but I really do think I had more fun baking, and buying the food! Thanks for such a generous give-away!
~Brenda H.

Erica L

Great post Trina & so timely, I am in the process of paying it forward at the moment. I have a couple of friends that just need some time to themselves. So taking their children off their hands for a few hours helps. I know when I have needed help like that friends have come to the rescue, so it sticks in my mind when I see friends in need. I also remember when I was about 8yrs, my sister & I used to always call in on a couple of elderly neighbours to check if they needed shopping etc. doesn't take much to make someones day & they really appreciate it.


I would love to participate, what fun. thanks for the idea

Kathy W

As an elementary school teacher and also a life-long learner, I believe that for everything we teach, we learn...and for everything we give to others, we get back one hundred fold in some unsuspecting way. I just moved to a new state (first major move of my life) and I have been overwhelmed with the friendliness and helpfulness of my new neighborhood. Yesterday, while several neighbors were on holiday, we had a major snowstorm. To try and give back to them, I spent the day shoveling snow from sidewalks and driveways. I am so sore today (but I got great exercise!) and I felt so good that I could do something for these kind folks who helped me my first few weeks in a new environment. Not a monumental kind of giving, but a prime example of community and the true sense of neighborhood, watching out for each other. Thanks for the chance to win.


Hi Trina - just found your blog today and am quite impressed. I love to make "For You" cards and send them - just because! Recently my hubby and I were walking to the grocery store after dark in the pouring rain (which it does a lot of in Seattle) and a blind lady was stumbling around trying to figure out which way to go. As we were approaching her nobody would stop and help her. I walked across the street and held her hand to get her down two blocks to her destination. It just took a few minutes of my time but sure did make me feel so good about what I had done.

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