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November 04, 2007



Oh my gollygosh, that must have been a shock Trina! Kinda funny but likely only in hindsight 0.o
Look at their facial expressions! That's one way to come by a hairdressers visit;p


Oh Trina! What a shock! At least you had the presence of mind to take photos!


Im sorry but ROFL!!! A mullet! I know, 0my time will come :P too cute and LOVE that you got evidence!


Oh wow! You thought to grab the camera ! LOL Bet that was a very long "count to 10" moment!!


OMG i'm so laughing as I read this! So classic, wonder if you'll get your fireworks tonight, lol.


OMG!! That's a LOT of hair! I'm glad my kids have never done anything like that, but I guess it *could* still happen! Yikes!!!


OH MY ..... *giggle* You were amazing to get the evidence! I am sure it wasn't cute at the time, but in years to come that story is going to make people laugh. Really she does actually look pretty cute with the mullet.
As soon as I saw the post I was going to make a comment about how tall Sarah is. The photo from behind shows just how tall she is.
On a different tack. I noticed the chests of drawers, how are they decorated? They look so cool.


Oh.my.gosh! The look on Sarah's face is just priceless (well, for that matter so is Matt's LOL) Oh goodness - it's just a glimpse into what I'm sure, must be an interesting and lively life with three preschoolers!! Deep breaths, Trina!

Lyn Dwyer


SoundS like the "FIREWORKS" have already happened Trina........LOL!

Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in your house.....

Bless their cotton pickin' little souls.......KIDS.....don't you just love 'em?


far out brussell sprout lol that was some hair that they cut there!! um I am sorry but I was laughing at that!! I wonder if Santa will visit laster this year??? lol......and ewwwww a mullet :-)


LOL! Tha is really very cute, love the look on Matts face! I notice that they decided it was a good idea to cut Sarah's hair and not one of the boys! Fireworks indeed!


Quick trip to the hairdressers is it?.....lol


Oh no!! Just as well hair grows huh? I love Dan's concentrating look... learning to be mischievous.


Oh dear - I see a haircut layout in the near future...:)


Trina, that is just too cute...love the 'guilty' look on the kids faces!

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