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October 26, 2007



Ahh you must be thrilled to have your man back home and the photo of Dan shouts his happiness, so sweet! Cute story! Gorgeous LO, love the colour combo and a nice to see you on it too! LOl about the side strip, did the same on a LO I did for scraptheteenz, it now hangs out the top of the album protector;p I dunno why they dont have the strip on both sides for scatterbrains like us;p The dare sounds like fun, might give it a twirl and maybe use a colour combo I havent used before for an extra challenge.. maybe 0.o

Dawn Stan

So happy your man is home Trina. It's hard being on your own with the kids especially for two weeks.

Great layout.


What a gorgeous picture - enjoy having your whole family together again :-)


Oh that is so nice! I remember coming home from even a night away and the boys at that age barely acknowledging I was there.... HUH! :) Clever chicky on catching the moment.
Love those colours working together.... very summery.


It is so sweet that he missed his Daddy - bet it is great to have him home again :)


Awwww sweet :)

Laughed at your LO boo boo having done exactly the same -doh! I'll be giving this one a go too (hopefully will get it done on time!) - it's a great dare challenge. Your circles are so nice and neat with the sewing giving some great texture.


Aww, totally adorable photo!!! I bet you are all having a lovely day being whole again. Love your colour combo for the dares layout, very striking.


They must be so happy to have Daddy home! 2 weeks is a long time to be away from your kids - I did it last year and it was HARD!
Love the layout - great colours.


Kids do have amazing thought patterns...sounds like yours are pretty switched on Trina! Lovwe your pink and orange layout too..just beautiful!


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