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October 15, 2007



I got bloglines months ago and yes it does save hours.

Isn't it cool when others notice how nice kids are!


Bloglines - I love it but now I am addicted!!
Loved the story about your kids - sometimes it is hard to remember just how wonderful they are (and how short this time is). I need to remember more often.


Bloglines is such a great time saver aye!
And dont forget what the man said Trina, it's the parents that let their kids natural beauty shine... So wtg you! Wonderful feeling isnt it to be proud of your kids!

Andrea S

Yay you for (finally, lol) discovering bloglines!
And such a cool story about the kids. Warm fuzzies!


Cool story, it's neat when complete strangers get joy from our kids too :) I love bloglines as well!


Bloglines junkie here too! It really does save so much time!
You must have have been so proud of your kids. And listen to what that man said, great kids goes to show what a fantastic job you and your hubby are doing!
P.S I am doing fine ;) Mainly because Isaac is back in the cot tonight, LOL, couldn't quite go there yet. Maybe after the b'day?


Bloglines is THE BEST timesaver ever!!! Your kids sounds so fun and cute! So do tell what is this fabbo dish. Maybe my kids will like it?


i love my bloglines ....................so much easier


Bloglines is my lifesaver!! So. Awesome.

I LOVE your attitude about how cool your kids are! And yes your kids ARE great!!
Your post made me realise, I have never really used those "moments with strangers" to remind myself how cool my kids are. Next time I get nice comments and smiles/laughs, I am going to adopt your attitude and give myself a pat on the back!!

Debbie - NZ

I keep hearing about blog lines but have been thinking about it so might give it a try and try and free up some of my time.

Reading your comments about your moments with strangers made me think back to Sunday morning while we were at the market and all the smiles we kept getting when they saw little david sitting in his pram quite happily munching his way though an apple as fast as he could.

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Aaaw.....Trina...this post is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!! (about the children...not the bloglines!).

I'm embarrassed to ask but...what is Bloglines?!?!?!?!?



Bloglines is a life saver - though I've moved to Google Reader at the moment. Same job though..

I love your kid's antics.

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