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September 17, 2007


DebbieP -  NZ

Wow, i had no idea they grew like that...you totally have me inspired to do some more gardening and grow vegs, went out yesteday and got some seeds to grow and then we have to get our clay soil ready to plant....I hope you are all better real soon...

Take care and just love, love this layout.


Wow, I didn't have any idea how they grew either, but gosh I love them! I often steam up a whole bowl full! I hope your flu doesn't get too nasty Trina, sending get well vibes! Woohoo about heading off to Melbourne!!! Love your Fancy Pants layout!

Sandra Mason

hehehehe now I did know how they grew, my Dad has a mega green thumb and grows all their veges. I hope you get better soon, my suggestion would be DVD's, snuggling up on the couch and plenty of fluids. Have fun in Melbourne


Sorry to hear you are sick, and 2 of the kids. I hope you make it through the day okay, and that everybody gets better soon!
DVDs sound like a great solution to me! And another early night for you when hubby gets home.


Well i had no idea that brussel sprouts grew like that!

Sorry to hear you and your kiddo's are unwell, i hope you all make a speedy recovery in time for your trip away.

Love your layout it's gorgeous.
I joined the SBO forum (caitsmum)finally.


Try to rest & take care! Hope you get over it quickly.


Gardening is good eh!? Just put in a bunch of plants myself. I knew they grew like that but I've never actually grown them myself. Must try it! :) IMO brussel sprouts are best quartered and sauteed with some bacon, toasted hazelnuts and a bit of chicken stock (and a dash of white wine if you're feeling like it).

Hope you and your family feel better soon.

Paula Clark

Isn't nature so miraculous - there's always something new and exciting to see :) Glad you're feeling on top of the world again now :)

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