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August 08, 2007



Talented wee artist you have there!
Totally jealous about Fiji!! I've never been!

And I have to admit that I completely forgot about the child abuse stand at lunch time. I was just so busy today. I feel bad now :-(


I love Matts drawing, so cool the way he has really thought about it and put in the details.
And how cool going to Fiji! Can you fit me in your suitcase?! lol! Great excuse to get some cool photo's indeed!
And good on you for standing out in your street, I forgot but remembered at 12:27! I can feel a change in what people are prepared to tolerate and not tolerate even if it is just a mum in the supermarket deciding not to use such a stern tone or smack her georgous 2 year old because she knows some lady is watching and listening to her. If everyone does something and keeps an eye out for the little people in our world I really hope things will change, they have to really, it has just got to stop!


Awesome aeroplane Matt.
And yay on the Fiji holiday :) We are thinking about going later this year, but are still working out the details. Which island are you going to?


I was out there, 2 year old in hand, baby on boob LOL. No one else though. I wonder if not enough people knew aboutit? I only heard through you, but then i dont read the paper often or watch the news, gets to me too much.
That is one fantastic areoplane!


Wow that is amazing - obviously inherited some artist talent from somewhere :)


That is such a cool plane!! Way to go - he's quite the little artist.

As for the stand - I was glad to be around like minded people. I'm not sure if anyone would have done it in our street and me being me would have felt like a goon - even though I was doing something I totally agreed with. I was however with a kid's music group. We all went outside and stood that the corner of the back "yard" area. Very eerie: a group of 10 or so women quiet for 3 minutes - watching the kids around us yelling and yahooing. I cried. Watching the little ones doing what they do so naturally and all we could do was stand in silence. Knowing there are kids out there that just don't get the chance to be this happy and natural. I am so sickened by the way some of these kids are treated and yet am completely powerless and lacking in any idea of how to stop it. It's just heartbreaking.
Thank goodness there are kids that just never need to be in that position and they do get to yell and yahoo around the place.


Gorgeous drawing and I love the thought out bits, eg when it blasts off the ladder falls off, that's so cute!
Oh Fiji holiday, you lucky thing! I've never been but always wanted... one day!
Sounds like you're gonna be happily busy over the next few weeks. Might try getting to the new shop ... bugs willing.

Know how you felt.. was only me and one of my workmates standing at the street... but then all change comes first from changing oneself and through that ( influence) all around us... Still sometimes it feels so little...

Elie Smith

what a great areoplane Matt Trina just know how you feel what a beautiful picture to keep Elie


What a great picture! Tim only scribbles still. I'm starting to get a bit concerned about it.

Hope your Fiji trip is everything you hope for :)

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