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July 17, 2007


DebbieP -  NZ

Wow, way to go Trina. I love your long posts. Way to go Daniel. Daniel and David seem to be around the same sort of place with walking even though David is 8 months older. He has only just started walking unaided in the last 3 weeks. he has this little duck waddle thing going.

I know what you mean about Matt & Sarah, i wish there were more good time feeling kids movies out there. I was the same when i was younger with people thinking that i was older. I was only 4 and it was school hours and mum and i were at the dairy and a school inspectior asked mum to explain herself as to why i wasn't at school and that i shouldn't let my daughter miss school. She had to explain to him that i was only 4.

Way to go you and congratulations on the sugar free for 6 weeks. I could never do it. I know what you mean about Coke Zero.

i love your layout and am def going to do one myself. I am going to scrap jack you!

Have a great week!


Hi Trina, thought you'd gone a bit quiet - you've been too busy chasing around that little man of yours!!!LOL Love the pic! Loved your time capsule layout and info in the newsletter!


I thought we had Toy Story here which I could have given you, but must have got rid of it!! My 2 liked the Thomas the Tank Engine movie - yes also found A Bugs Life terrifying at that age!


Cannot recommend Toy Story 1 & 2 highly enough! My now Mr 6 fell in love with teh story from about age 2 - everything was Buzz this and Buzz that.... he's only recently stopped playing Buzz and moving on to Spidey!
There is a mean kid - but the whole story is really a feel good one - I think your kids would get the message :) Enjoy!


Good to hear everything is zooming along, I always think once they start walking (Dan) it's a whole new world, and it really signifies that they have grown up.

Love your page, should do one myself, and am enjoying the SBO weekly newsletters.

Good on you for keeping up the sugar free!


Hi Trina. Read your blog but haven't posted before! My daughter is 3.5 also and she loves Toy Story. Some other faves are more Disney: Peter Pan, Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp and The Aristocats are all pretty tame. Jo


What a big catch-up!!
I love that layout - and what a cool topic!!

As for the kids' movies ... Toy Story 1 and 2 are BIG favourites in our house, especially with Tyler (almost 3). My kids were scared of the grasshoppers in A Bug's Life too!!! My boys also love Cars, Shrek, Over the Hedge (the bear is a bit scary though), Madagascar, Chicken Run, etc.

Have you seen Berenstein Bears?? We have a DVD with 10 stories on it, both my boys love it, but my 5-year-old in particular really likes it. I got it from the Warehouse, it was only $10!! Not at all scary, and if you remember the books when you were a kid, it's quite fun to watch! Also, there is a Hairy Maclary DVD with 10 stories, Tyler loves this one.


Love that photo of Dan :)

Your kids might enjoy Toy Story 2 more than Toy Story 1 (as the first one has some scary toys and a yucky boy in it). My kids love them both - probably their favourite movies, after Monsters Inc.


Go Dan! LOL at the photo shoot... have the same problem with Small Boy mucking up the back drop.

Tim was scared of the grasshoppers too but he did like Toy Story. He also likes some of Wallace and Gromit but I have to skip some of the 'scary" bits in "The Wrong Trousers". Hairy McClary, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine are all sweet, and we also have a Richard Scarry one he watches ad nauseum. I think it's lame but it has taught him some ABC and counting stuff. I want to get him Madagascar. He didn't mind Nemo even though there is a scary bit at the beginning.

I sooo know what you mean about the sugar free thing. I did the South Beach diet for a while and trying to find sugar free stuff that wasn't soft drink is impossible. I ended up drinking home made iced tea. Incidentally, Nice N Natural do a sugar free chocolate but maybe you don't want to know that ;)


i'm glad they like cars !!! great story LOL
i met lots of the 'characters' on my trip and got all my cars collection of toys signed which was pretty cool


Love the time capsule page!!! Great idea! LOL at Dan's photo! Even when we plan they foil us at every step. Have you tried Finding Nemo? Thanks for thinking of me. We are making progress and I am almost able to see the light at the end of the tunnel


LOVE LOVE the time capsule LO - Im going to lift the idea for sure!!

Erica Johnstone

Way cute photo of Dan - boy 11 months already!!!! I just love the time capsule LO it is terrific


Love your time capsule. Great concept.
And go Dan!!

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