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July 09, 2007



Sorry to hear about your knees, I sure do hope it is an easy problem to fix without surgery or anything too drastic.


Oh Trina what a stressful sounding day. Big hugs about your knees girl and I hope you get some resolution to that soon.


Ouch, I hope you can get things worked out. It must be tough chasing three kids around with sore knees.
I'm thinking about jumping on a plane & going to SENZ too :) Keep an eye on AIRNZ grab-a-seat.


Trina you poor thing. I hope your knees feel better soon. I think fish counts as brain food and potatoes are vegetables so it sounds balanced to me. I'd love to jump on a plane and go to SENZ CHCH but it's during term time so I have work on the Friday.


I have always said running is bad for you. Hope the news on the knees is good - and not too expensive!!


What a day! No attempts on the doctor-visiting record here :) Hope you get a good prognosis.


No! You didn't give Matt, Sarah and Dan fish and chips did you? How could you be such an irresponsible parent! You've just taken years off their lives by feeding them that junk. Ha!!!!!!


can't quite bet that, well not from recent times! Hope you get the right therapy/treatment soon

Jill Geraghty-Grovesj

YUCK - I feel for you with a dickie knee Trina! Sounds like a relaxing day *snicker**!!!

Lydell Quin

Oh poor you. Hope the diagnosis turns out to be something not to bad and you just need some rest time with your knees comfortably positioned beneath your scrapping table, and they will heal themselves!

DebbieP -  NZ

Awww honey, i really hope that your knee gets better soon and that it isn't anything serious!


Oh dear Trina! That doesn't sound good at all. I hope the Ortho can find the problem and get it fixed up for you! Glad to hear that Dan is improving. Hugs!!


Good luck with your knee and fingers crossed that it is corrected quickly. You must be all doctored out!!! I am currently ignoring the pain in mine (its not so bad if I stay inside away from the cold and don't attempt to either kneel down or walk around corners lol) although there seems to be a numbness radiating up to the ole buttock region. When do you see the surgeon??


dam girl. When you do things you do them good huh! Sounds pretty sore that whole knee thing. ouch. I sure hope you get some help!



Nothing like shark n tatties when you need a break ;)

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