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March 03, 2007


DebbieP -  NZ

Well Done Trina, that is sooo awesome! I know exaclty what you mean about eye teeth being more sore than the others. David's have come down and gone back up twice. They decided to come down for the 2nd time the night of our wedding and the only way David would settle was curled up with richard and didn't want me about so they curled up in the big bed together and i curled up on a single in the spare room of the place we were staying....I must look up the different kids things on tomorrow. Have a awesome weekend.


LOL about the scissors and the hair!! At least there were no accidents with skin involved!
Huge congrats on Junkitz! It's going to be fun!


Hi Trina ;o)) Congrats to you too !!!! Gorgeous LO ... what style !! Hope to know you soon!!


That is fab news Trina about Junkitz.

lol about the scisors and hair incident with the twins. Like you said at some stage most little ones do it. As yet Asher hasn't. Hope it isn't too bad.


Congratulations!! And LOL at the impromptu haircut!


Congrats re Junkitz. Lots of things coming together for you. :o)
And laughing at the hair ... we had a couple of *cutting my own hair* episodes this summer. I was glad (too) that it didn't happen on a day when I was supposedly in charge LOL


Thats awesome!!! congrats! and lol about the bras and the scissors episode and the lists of what the twins like. Oh and WTG on the running.

susan j

Woohoo Trina!!

Donna  Meuli

Already told you how awesome your Junkitz news is LOl, but had to laugh about the hairdressers. Hope the damage is not too bad! Another friends son cut a hunk out of his hair days before he was due to be a pageboy:0(

Rebecca Cameron

Go Trina! This is your scrapping year!

Hope your Mum isn't too exhausted from the kids. That will teach her to get them scissors LOL


thanks for stopping at my blog :)) big congrats to you tooo!! i still can't believe it. looking forward to know you better and work with you!! have a great wekend!!


COngrats thats such awesome news. So excited for you. Now I would love to see a photo of the new hair doos. I agree we all have to cut our own hair as a child, it's expected.


congrats babe!! well deserved!!

Marie Noske

Congratulations Trina!!!




LOL at the hair cutting, when i was four I wanted a wig like my Mum,( I remember because it caused such a furore) One night I chopped off my LONG black hair, lots of it too and stuck it to a brown paper bag and made a wig just like my mummy's, proudly walking out into the lounge (I imagine) I expected a round of cheers instead of the looks of absolute horror! My humble scrapbook begginings!

Huge congrats again!!!

Hugs & Mwahhh


Wow thats awesome Trina, a huge congrats.

Carole Janson

OH NOOOOO!!! about the scissors and the hair!! at least it was just the hair, and I am so excited for you and Junkitz, a huge congrats Trina, how awesome.............


Congrats on the Junkitz thingy - well deserved!

I had to laugh at the hair cutting thing, the bra comments and the "what makes me happy" list. So funny and so like what goes on in this house too!


I repeat my many congrats on the good news. Where are the pictures of Matt and Sarah or can't you see their hair designs clearly in a photo?

Erica Johnstone

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TRINA!!!!!!! Well done! LOL about the hair, my kids cut my hair once when I fell asleep on the couch, I woke to find I had no fringe just a stubble that kind of looked like a paintbrush!! Sheesh!

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