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January 19, 2007



I'm so glad you found your cat!


No wonder you've been a bit sparse on the blogging of late - you've been busy. Congrats on finding your cat and have fun at Bob and Barney.


ohhh i'm so glad you found the cat
i'm not glad you put that song in my head - my dad used to sing that - now i can't get the darned thing out of my head LOL


glad to see the cat did come back.......go you Trina for getting back into exercise and doing the duathlon.....


Glad to read you got Pud back.

Dale Anne

This may sound weird, but whenever we moved and our cat wanted to be out ( he loved being outside!).....we had read somewhere that if you put butter (our case margarine) on his paws when you let him out....he won't be able to lick all of it off and so will leave a trail.
It worked for the 4 times we moved - Breezy always came home!


gosh you're busy busy busy! Glad you've got your cat bakck.


Pud was probably wondering where you had got to!! so glad you have got him back, how cute that he came out heard your voice and came out meowing!
Great photo of him and the backyard, sounds like you are doing lots of work out there.

susan j

That cat is so freakin cute!!


Glad you have the cat back Trina. Isn't he adorable :).
I hope Sarahs finger is OK. Abby shut hers in a door about 14 months ago and actually cut the top off from half way down the nail. The whole end came off in DH hand and he had to push it back on. Drs taped it back on and now you wouldn't know by looking at it. It is amazing how kids bodies work and they get over things very easily and quickly.
Glad to hear the clearing out is going well, just imagine it all when you have finneshed :)

Chrissy Berry

Heya there Trina, so glad to ready your furbaby is back where he belongs! :-) Poor Sarah though, OUCH!!

Take care!
Chrissy xx


Yay Pud-the-cat is back!
How was your first-for-a-long-time duathlon? I need similar motivation :)

Donna M

So glad Pud is home!! Well at least I hope he is??

Tracey Laurence

So glad that you found you kitty cat!!! PUD, ps that used to be my hubby nick name when he was a boy!

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